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  1. bbamboo

    10ft 3-4 weight recommendations; Maxcatch, Orvis

    I have two maxcatch performance 10ft rods one is a 2 at the other is a 3 . Nice rods finished off as good as any Greys rod. But I also have two 10 ft agility 11 rods which are not finished as well but I much prefer the blank action of these just my take on it, the aglitys are a 3 and a 4 weights...
  2. bbamboo

    River Tees

    The Darlington Brown Trout Angling club are still taking new members and wavering the joining fee for new members until the end of the year. So that's a saving of £20 for senior members.
  3. bbamboo

    River Tees

    The Darlington Brown Trout now has its own Facebook page it's open to all members of the club. Please join up if your a club member it would be good to see some fly fishing posts. Gary
  4. bbamboo

    Czech Nymphing Alternative to fly line

    Depending on how the leader is made, if its tapered with a heavy butt section something like 15 to 20 lb maxima you should be able to cast it without any weighted flies on and providing its not windy, turn it over OK. If its just level mono you won't be able to and with that set up you will be...
  5. bbamboo

    Euro nymphing set up

    The current agility is a lovely rod John. I would just go for it. Even if a new model comes out the agility 2 is a highly desirable rod at that price point and will remain so. For a sighter you can use lots of different stuff nothing is cast in stone. Just make sure you can see it and it's not...
  6. bbamboo


    My friend has the Performance nymph 10 ft 3 wt and its a nice rod. I have the Performance 10ft 2 wt and its again a nice rod, finish is top notch.
  7. bbamboo


    Never paid nothing yet
  8. bbamboo


    Just wondering if maxcatch will have a January sale :thumbs::whistle:
  9. bbamboo

    11 ft 3wt ESN rod

    If I must say my views is your over thinking things. A lighter line rods biggest advantages are you can use ultra light tippets to catch spooky trout and grayling in difficulty conditions. If you go ultra light for big fish your either going to snap off. Or if you are using heavy tippets the...
  10. bbamboo

    8wt line on 7wt rod

    Only one way to find out try it. Depends on how you cast and how stiff the rod is, some people will fish a shorter line and the heavy line may benefit. On the other hand if you carry a long line the lighter line could benefit you by not overloading the rod. There is no cast in stone answer it...
  11. bbamboo


    Great which one you gone for ?
  12. bbamboo


    Definitely worth getting one ,especially if you like it (how could you not.
  13. bbamboo

    Top 3 buys for 2019...

    My 3 include A Maxcatch Premire 8.4 foot 3 weight they really are for nothing at the discount price. And have a lovely sweet action which is just perfect for light river fishing. Second on my list is a piscifun sword reel as good as anything I have tried to date. And last on my list is again a...
  14. bbamboo

    Sonic Skr8

    Don't know about that model. But sonic has made some cracking casting rods over the years.
  15. bbamboo

    Royal Wulff triangular taper prenium plus tapered line £100

    I agree with your comments, but really is case of £8 for the gold or £68 for the cheapness Wulff I can find online. Taking everything into consideration £68 still sounds a rip off imo. I used to buy shakespere fly lines when they were made in the UK cost about £25 that's a fair price. I...
  16. bbamboo

    Royal Wulff triangular taper prenium plus tapered line £100

    I have had quite a few Lee wulff lines there ok But not without faults the taper onto the running line is very thin and prone to cracking. To be honest there not really worth the asking price these days. You can get some lovely lines for very little these days
  17. bbamboo

    Jaxon Eternum Nylon

    I purchased some crocodile mono made by the same company about a year ago. It's ok but not as strong as gtm for the same dia.Its cheap and you get a lot of mono for your money. But the breaking strength is way over stated.
  18. bbamboo


    Received my nymphing line a couple days ago. Not used yet but looks fine.
  19. bbamboo

    New rod advice.

    Ha've a look at the agility range of rods. Value for money and as good as any imo.
  20. bbamboo

    Maxcatch Avid v Piscifun Sword?

    I have a sword and it's a great reel. Extremely good value for a high quality product. Don't see how anyone can be disappointed with one.