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    Dyna King Ultimate Indexer

    Hi, I would value the opinion of anyone who uses a Dyna King Ultimate Indexer. I am also unable to locate a uk supplier who holds these vices in stock. Any ideas on where I might find one would be appreciated. Thanks for taking time to read this request. salmofisher.
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    Almost a very expensive lesson

    Like so many of us I have had a lifetime of learning from making expensive mistakes purchasing fishing tackle. But now for some good news, I have just been saved from making the same mistake again. This week I contacted Phil Holding of The Flytying Boutique. It was my first contact with Phil...
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    I have read through a good number of very helpful comments on the Norvise but I am unable to locate any views on the use of doubles or trebles in this vice. At the moment I am debating buying either the Norvise or a Montana Mongoose any advice would be very welcome. Regards, Salmofisher.