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    Ea baliffs

    Has anyone ever had their rod licence checked. I’ve been fishing for years and never been checked. I’ve always had one, I just wonder what we actually pay for. I’ve heard of them doing Spot checks on still waters. It never a river. I suppose it’s easy to check 20 people on a still water but...
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    Greys gr60 15ft 10/11

    Great condition, looking for 150 inc delivery to uk.
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    angling active customer service

    ive just been on to angling active customer service because i had a problem with a product i got from them a while ago. after a 5 minute webchat the guy is sending me a new set out. no quibble. great customer service, makes a nice change. well done angling active
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    Sea trout on the coast

    I’m looking at fishing around bowness on solway for sea trout. Can anyone give me some tips please. When to fish etc.
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    Sea trout on the coast

    I’m looking at fishing around bowness on solway for sea trout. Can anyone give me some tips please. When to fish etc.
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    Lamson guru 1.5

    Lamson guru 1.5 older model. looking for £110 posted to uk. Pm me for pics
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    Greys XF2 streamflex 9ft 4wt £80 delivered

    Good condition. Pm me for pics.
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    Greys GR50 8ft 4wt £55 inc delivery

    Good condition, pm me for pictures. thanks
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    River dove

    Does anyone fish the dove. Is it fishing well at moment. I’m down that way on Friday and thinking f having a look at the Prince Albert beat.
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    Abu spinning rods

    Has anyone used the abu diplomat and salmo seeker rods. I’m after one for sea trout and salmon. Which would you recommend
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    Guideline laxa sea trout rod

    has anyone used the guideline laxa seatrout or switch rod? are they any good
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    Worcestershire 2628 with spare spool

    i have a worcestershire 2628 fly reel with spare spool. reel is boxed and immaculate as is the spool. looking for £50 plus postage if you want images please pm me
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    river almond edinburgh

    can anyone tell me where the best beats are near edinburgh please and whether thay are fishing well at the moment
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    Has anyone seen any decent rises yet on the Eden. Plenty of March browns about but nothing looking at them
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    LDO Hatch

    What time of day is best this time of year if I want to run into a hatch
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    When to use poly leaders

    Can anyone give some advice when i should be using floating int or sinking polyleaders and fly sizes please.
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    Cheap tinsel?

    Does anyone have any cheap alternatives to flat tinsel for salmon fly bodies. I was thinking Xmas decs
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    Micro skagit head

    Has anyone used these micro skagit shooting heads from post. Is it possible to make your own by maybe using a couple of line sizes up
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    What hooks do people use for seatrout and salmon. I’ve just started sea trout fishing and been using the cheap ones on eBay. They seem fine but go blunt very quickly. I was looking at veniards as they seem reasonable price. Has any one had any experience with them
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    Scottish trip - recommendations please

    thinking of having a weekend north of the border for the trout, possibly sea trout also. i only live in carlisle so not far. was thinking maybe the annan or tweed. can they both be fished on sundays for trout? any other places worth a visit, the clyde perhaps at abington