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    Competition specials

    Hey all. Looking to upgrade my Greys xf2 comp special. Have been looking at the new model greys comp special but have heard the new wychwood rs comp special are a good rod too. Just wondering if anyone has experience of both. Also see cortland doing comp special too but its a good bit more expensive
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    Lightweight buzzer hooks

    Hey was just wondering if someone could advise me of a lightweight buzzer hook that is heavier that the b100s. Am looking for something to fish high in the water but when tying on the b100s they just so springy don't feel I could trust them. I don't want them to be as heavy as the b110s. Have...
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    Reel spool storage

    I have seen a lot of people lately with the reels fastened to the top of their fishing boxes just wondering if anyone can offer some advice as to how this is done neatly ---------- Post added at 06:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:49 AM ---------- That should really read spools...
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    Jungle cock

    Anyone know the best place stocking jungle cock at the moment most places seem to be out of stock
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    I have heard a dremmell makes perfect boobie eyes just wondering if anyone can tell me what model is the best to buy and also what are the best bits for forming them
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    Monkey socks

    Just wondering if anyone has the dressing for the fly in the title?
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    2 vs 3 turn water knot

    Just wondering what people's opinions are on which is the stronger knot using fluorocarbon let's say 0.21mm or what is the benefit of one over the other have heard some people say two and more say three turn don't know which to use
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    Deer hair

    Just wondering if anyone could tell me what type of deerhair they find best just confused between different patches that are out there. Want something that doesn't splay too much for keeping it lying as flat as I can for the wings of sedges.
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    Mosses mayfly

    Just looking for some help could anyone point me in the direction of where to buy the dubbing for Denis mosses ginger mayfly?