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  1. Oldbones

    Trying out different hook and thread.

    Going to be setting up my vise soon, and this next season will be a very slow burn for me, I think I have passed the frantic stage in life and now it will mellow and slow, less casting more quality.
  2. Oldbones

    Trying out different hook and thread.

    No its well up north, Banchory, the most northerly Orvis shop, just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Sad it is closing another fishing tackle shop gone, but every time I go there its more dog and fashion gear they sell and the fishing gear is all in a small space. They close...
  3. Oldbones

    Trying out different hook and thread.

    Never really timed my self tying one, but about three an hour would not be far off, sounds slow, but I love doing them in stages, take a break, go back and do a bit more.
  4. Oldbones

    Trying out different hook and thread.

    Yes I have the book now, just bought it frim an Orvis shop that is closing down. The book, it is very nice and great quality. I would recommend it. The 2021 season will be Catskill flies, Clyde style and Pheasant tail nymphs.
  5. Oldbones

    A wonderful sight.. But what is it..?

    That is what I should be doing with my cameras
  6. Oldbones

    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    Leaking waders, yip been there and done that. I have had Orvis waders that leaked not long after I got them not happy at all with them. I had Scierra boot foot waders that lasted for ages about five seasons. I tried repairing but eventually had to give in. With the boot foot waders I also had to...
  7. Oldbones

    The Great Unwashed.

    They did not sound like they were from another country, strong accent from north England.
  8. Oldbones

    The Great Unwashed.

    I went to fish a nice section of the river, the car park was full and lots of tents and people around and I moved on. So the next evening after 1800 hours I decided that it would be fine to go and fish. Got there and the campers were gone, so I went fishing. Great you may think, not so this is...
  9. Oldbones

    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    I fish a river, that used to be stocked, but after the stocking was done guys from the nearby towns would come and plunder the river and take all the fish they could, or so I have been told. It is no longer stocked and hasn't been for quite a few years now they say. So with this information I am...
  10. Oldbones

    Knot tying tool..

    This is what your looking for, no doubt in my mind.
  11. Oldbones

    Wharfe - any info please?

    I have fished Addingham in the past and its great, Grayling and Trout.
  12. Oldbones

    Morning catch.

    I have been busy fishing these pools and glides. The fish are getting bigger and better. Top fish caught at 7AM the bottom fish caught at 7PM Every one says there is just very small trout in here but both of these fish are between 11 and 12 inches, which is close to the 1LB mark And they both...
  13. Oldbones

    john os hopper 10

    All these flies look really good.
  14. Oldbones

    Will a Sea Trout or Salmon take trout flies

    I went out today to experiment with swinging wet flies. The wing was blowing and it was raining from time to time. But I know a couple of sheltered spots where I can catch trout. I knew that the #2rod I usually use would be pointless in gusty conditions like we had today. The water was up about...
  15. Oldbones

    Difference between a fisherman and a good fisherman

    For me, its being relaxed while I am fishing. Thinking ahead and taking plenty of time, no rush. Small things like using a back handed cast to get the fly into the spot where I see a fish or I think a fish may be. Being prepared to adapt to the situation, removing the dry fly and tying on a...
  16. Oldbones

    Furled leaders

    Mr Trout, I have now used the furled leader I received from you a few days ago. I went out early this morning, and all I can say is Oh YES, improvements no doubt. Accuracy is far better, and the fly and leader just sits far better on the water. It was great seeing my dry fly being the last...
  17. Oldbones

    What made you start flyfishing?

    That is what I do now, wed night and early doors on a Saturday and sometimes Sunday.
  18. Oldbones

    What made you start flyfishing?

    Used to fish at a river mouth where all the locals would fish, watched them and learned. Old guy who was the local barber would make his own lures and had three single hooks whiped together to make trebles. I was amazed by what this old guy could do with his home made gear. He was a dauntless...
  19. Oldbones

    Chest pack

    So do I