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  1. ofuros

    fishing infor your nz

    This website may help with choices, so your not completely in the dark when you area, then click on river or lake to find details of access, fish type, river description, general flies to use, regulations etc etc. Enjoy your trip in the new year, you'll love it there...
  2. ofuros

    Worldwide Trout Destinations - Suggestions

    Tasmania, New Zealand, Japan, S.Korea, Patagonia, USA etc many locations, but so little time.
  3. ofuros

    Opening Day in the Antipodes(Oz)

    Nothing like a dose of beautifully spotted browns....wherever the location. Glad you enjoyed it, 3lbgrayling.
  4. ofuros

    Opening Day in the Antipodes(Oz)

    Smallstream browns on a chilly opening day...enjoy, i sure did. :D
  5. ofuros

    The Madness Begins

    Only if you rub it in....well done, flufchucker. :thumbs:
  6. ofuros

    East Dart 25th/26th July

    I know it's an old post, but it brought back fading childhood memories...exploring the misty moors & the streams & rivers that flow from it. Enjoyed. :thumbs:
  7. ofuros

    Small streams thread?

    Aging tends to sneak up much wear & tear over a lifetime. Hope your on the mend... the trout are missing you just as much as your missing them. ;) Ofuros