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  1. Oldbones

    The Great Unwashed.

    I went to fish a nice section of the river, the car park was full and lots of tents and people around and I moved on. So the next evening after 1800 hours I decided that it would be fine to go and fish. Got there and the campers were gone, so I went fishing. Great you may think, not so this is...
  2. Oldbones

    Will a Sea Trout or Salmon take trout flies

    I went out today to experiment with swinging wet flies. The wing was blowing and it was raining from time to time. But I know a couple of sheltered spots where I can catch trout. I knew that the #2rod I usually use would be pointless in gusty conditions like we had today. The water was up about...
  3. Oldbones

    Leaders for a 2 weight.

    I have a Wyncwood River and Stream 6' #2 and I fish for wild brown trout. This is about my eighth season fishing the trout rivers in the UK. But its the first season that I have really started paying attention to hatches and such and now I am concentrating on tippet materials. If I was to...
  4. Oldbones

    Do you keep and maintain a diary ?

    Do you, do you go back over it and see what your thoughts were years ago ? 15/7/2014 I wrote in my diary, " I cant believe how fast time goes when I ma fishing " so when I read it back I remember the day as clear as anything.
  5. Oldbones

    Time and water makes the difference

    Went fishing at a place on the river I have been before. Below, The first fish I caught after lockdown, below the fish I caught today.
  6. Oldbones

    What kind of feather is this.

    Found by feet while fishing today, almost stood on it.
  7. Oldbones

    I tried upstream dry fly !

    Last night, went fishing and although I was off to a very slow start I did catch some fish. But what I did was not do was across and down or down and across. I decided to only fish upstream. Useing a dry fly and a #4 rod I was catching away and found a new way for me to catch fish. I observed...
  8. Oldbones

    Wynchwood river and stream fly reel, drag not working.

    I have one of these reels, in the 2 weight category, I have always had a problem with the clicka drag system. It has never really worked properly. It is just a small plastic pin that rubs against the centre cog of the reel to create resistance to make the drag work. It wears out rather...
  9. Oldbones

    Fishing with ultra light fly rods.

    Is there a section of the forums that deals with using fly rods 3 weight and lower, and do you guys use them.
  10. Oldbones

    The things you see while fishing.

    Saw this. how about you.
  11. Oldbones

    Morning catch.

    Stunning morning, brilliant weather, cane rod, home tied flies and a nice small trout, I could not ask for more. Lovely river, low but lovely. The trout and the fly.
  12. Oldbones

    Out tonight, with a Clyde style, Teal and Black,ish

    Caugh 22 fish, neary all on this wee Scottish fly. I will tie more of these.
  13. Oldbones

    Second attempt at wings. Blae and Black.

    I have been trying to tie decent wings for a while, this set I am happy with, comments welcome.
  14. Oldbones

    Split shot.

    Split shot, do you guys that wet fly fish ever use them to get your flies deeper down to the fish. Or do you just use bead head nymphs ? I ask because I want to tie wet flies and classic wet flies, so adding a bead head would distort the pattern. Is it ok to use them, is it frowned upon, is it...
  15. Oldbones

    What flies have you tied that have given you a lightbulb moment while on the water.

    For me so far in this first week and a bit since we started fishing again it has to be quill bodied Catskill drys. I have had brilliant success with them, nothing big but the fish just appear to love them on my river. What about you? The river is very low, I was having a tough evening , put...
  16. Oldbones

    Wet fly first attempt in a long time.

    Did this today. Hook, B175 #12 Thread, Sheer Lemmon. Body, Sheer Lemon. Thorax, Seals Fur, Black. Tail and Wing, Hen Wing Quill. Thanks for looking and comments welcome. The progress pic. Top pocket 23 May bottom 24 May
  17. Oldbones

    Wet and dry wings. How do I ?

    How do I measure the wing material to fit the fly, I see pro tiers, just pluck some from a quill, but that's not working for me, what can I do?
  18. Oldbones

    Indian and Chinese capes ? Will they do the job ?

    When I started tying flies, I did not have a clue, I bought cheap £5 capes. And trying to tie with them was not easy for me. So things have moved on and I have invested in some metz half capes, I have five now. But I thought to my self, all the flies I am trying to tie were around long before...
  19. Oldbones

    Quill body DHE

    Tried this for the first time. How do you get consistent clumps of deer hair? Anyway. Hook, Orvis Emerger #14 Thread, Uni 8/0 Olive Body, Stripped Peacock Quill, Olive. Wing, Coastal Deer Hair. Thorax SLF Olive Brown. Thanks for looking. Let me know what you think. I think I should have done it...
  20. Oldbones

    PT dry fly, Tied these before.

    But here is a more up to date version. Found a nice place yesterday to fish this. Its bushy but it will be used as a fast water dry fly.