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  1. LukeNZ

    William Olsen Bench Made Fly Reels.

    Any of you guys got one or two of these? Have ordered a custom Vom Hoffe styled reel in all black; for Trout Spey in the two handed 5 wt. 13’0” rod range; just have to sit back and wait 36 months or so, now! Was wondering if anyone has one of Williams reels and can share the eye candy, by way...
  2. LukeNZ

    A few of my trout spey flies.

    A few I use a lot with 2 handed rods, all own designs and catch a fish or two..
  3. LukeNZ

    How long does a carbon fibre rod maintain its performance?

    Do the resins and fibres deteriorate over time and use - and how so? How many years of continuous use should be expected from a premium blank, at an average of 1 full day fishing per week? What generally craps out first - cork, carbon blank, ferrules, guides, reel seat and fittings, or the...
  4. LukeNZ

    Trout Spey (revisited)..

    Well it’s been a while since my last enquiry on this subject, and I was wondering if between then and now, anyone has splashed some dosh and given it a good go? For myself, I am amping it up with a few recent additions to the quiver - that have yet to turn up, from a recent trip to the good...
  5. LukeNZ

    Single Malts For Special Fly Fishing Trips..?

    Does anyone else take a drop of the cure with them when fishing special places? And which are you currently favouring..?
  6. LukeNZ

    Fishing Jokes for Fishing Blokes?

    Does anybody have any good fishing jokes to share? It could be fun! Cheers and beers, Luke.
  7. LukeNZ

    What is your favourite ferrule jointing goo?

    I have used both simple candle wax, just rubbing a piece of plain white candle on the spigots. And also the Loon black coloured jointing compound. Some recommend tape, but it is a bit of a chore. What other options and preferences are there? Cheers and pre-work beers, Luke.
  8. LukeNZ

    Trout spey - 2 handed rods?

    Do trout spey rods get much play in Great Britain?
  9. LukeNZ

    Dry Fly - high performance fly lines?

    A lot of my fishing has become trout spey since getting hooked on it a few years ago. And of course, all my lines and tackle now reflect that trend.. ....or dare I say, passion! However, I recently re-discovered my barely used little Hardy (glass/sintrix) Sirrus 4/5wt. 7’6” lurking underneath...
  10. LukeNZ

    More Pritt flies...

    My birthday day off, so decided to hit the Tukituki rainbows that were too small to go spawning up stream with some ancient style Yorkshire spiders. Deadly is an accurate summary!! Cheers and many beers! Luke. NZ
  11. LukeNZ

    T. E. Pritt..

    Was reading an e-book this afternoon T.E Pritt - Yorkshire spider type stuff, as it was raining quite a bit here in Hawkes Bay (NZ.). The Tukituki river, my very local river was up and pretty dark looking, so thought I would give the tying vice a whirl, and do a few Pritt type flies. Looking...
  12. LukeNZ

    Cork rod grip 'treatments'?

    Do you leave it as it came, to age and colour with use? Do you apply a once only treatment, or a frequent dab and rub of something? Do you clean it with anything, or just wipe any **** off that you notice as you go? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. LukeNZ

    Hardy Zephyrus Double Handed Rods.

    Has anybody got any actual experience with these DH rods they can share? Am quite keen on the 11'6" for 6/7 wt. to use on big rivers, with big trout, instead of a 'switch rod' (I have no intention really of overhead or single hand casting with it). Haven't seen any proper actual reviews on the...
  14. LukeNZ

    Hello and Which Reel?

    Oh hi, and this is a nice reel..