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    Joe Hart

    From England and Man City goalkeeper to obscurity in a very short time. Why? - booze, drugs, gambling or women ? Or all four? Is he still at Burnley?
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    Fishing distance

    Briefly referred to on another thread and then ignored. Most fish are caught within 10 yards, true or false? All I can say is I fish 2 lakes about 10 acres each and after recent stocking it is often true. However give it a week and unless you can cast a fair way out or take to the boat, the...
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    I read on another thread (and in several books) that confidence in the fly you are using helps catch fish. Why? and How?
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    Stillwater Wales

    I've got a couple of days in Mallwyd, Machynlleth early next month and wondered about stillwater availability in the area. I know there's great river fishing but I'm not set up for it - or experienced in it. Just fancied a small stillwater with some kamikase rainbows to break the monotony until...
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    knot for tippet ring?

    What's the best knot to use? I've tried my usual tucked half blood but find that it often slips under pressure from a fish and I end up with the 'curly pigtail', even though it has been tied properly. I never have this problem when using it to attach the fly. I use top quality tippet rings so...
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    Stillwater near Wakefield?

    Any ideas folks? And before anyone says Walton Lakes, I've spoken to the guy at Fly on Line and it's not available anymore.
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    To retrieve or not to retrieve?

    Buzzers that is. I read in most books, cast them out and let them drift and find it works - some of the time. Then some fellow club members say slow figure of 8 retrieve, others say a slow, short 4" draw retrieve. Again, they work - some of the time. How do forum members fish their buzzers?
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    WANTED: Cheap rod

    I'm looking for a cheap 9' #5 weight rod for my wife. Something like the Shakespeare Agility would be good. I'm not sure whether she will stick with fly fishing so I don't want to spend a lot of money but want something easy for her to use.
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    Battery for Minn Kota C2 45lb

    I fish a small still water (9 & 12 acres). I have bought a motor as above and wondered about the best battery to get. The specs say the motor draws 42A and I presume this is at full power. Given that I will probably mostly be on 1/2 power, would an 85Ah leisure battery do the job? It would be...
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    Which Yorkshire stillwaters?

    In the summer my wife is going on a course in Scarborough. I will have 3 days of freedom:thumbs: I thought about starting at Wykeham Lakes for a day (unless advised differently) and then 2 other venues for the last 2 days. I would welcome any suggestions and also any recommended accomodation.
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    Rod Licence

    Can anyone explain why some stillwaters state that you do not require a rod licence to fish them whilst the majority do? Not that I mind buying a rod licence, I'm just curious.
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    Wanted WF8F

    Anyone got one spare?
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    I'm amazed by the amount of Robson bashing on the forum. He's a television personality/presenter/actor and his programs are necessarily aimed at the wider audience, not anglers in particular. Nonetheless they promote angling to the general public and that can't be a bad thing, can it? Yes, you...
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    Fly Lines

    I haven't got a huge experience of different types but I've used Rio Gold and Snowbee XS nano floaters and found them very good (5 & 6 weights). Rio Grand e I found OK but not as nice as the Gold. I tried some John Norris cheapies but don't think they approach Rio Gold - not surprisingly given...
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    Unwanted sink tip

    I have a floating fly line and the last 4 -6' now slowly sink. I already have a midge tip in that weight and want my floater back. Can I treat it with anything - mucilin perhaps?
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    Fishing Trousers

    I know there are many decent trousers out there and I know that I can wear waterproof trousers over them when it rains. But, what I want are trousers that I can sit down on damp grass with, and trousers that I can kneel in without getting a damp bottom or damp knees. I don't want them waterproof...
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    Caistron Trout fishery

    Anyone any knowledge of Caistron fishery Northumberland? Their website seems to be down and I'm thinking of spending a few days in the area.
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    Cost of Flies

    Never mind all this other nonsense about rods reels and lines. Why can you pay anything from 40p to £1.50 for PTN's? I mean a PTN is a PTN whatever nationality it is. Isn't it?:omg::eek:
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    Help/Advice on fishing the River Dart

    At the beginning of May I'm going with the wife for a few days to the Sea Trout Inn at Staverton. It's her birthday treat but I reckon I can get a couple of day's fishing in on the Dart whilst we're there. Thing is, I'm a not very experienced stillwater angler and although I've got suitable gear...
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    Wanted: Hardy Marksman 10' #5

    Prefer the original Mk1.