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  1. Damo

    The Deadly Downstream (Dragfree) Drift

    Teme Fisher, I've got several high end tenkara rods and bought a Maxcatch for my kids. It's absolutely fine, a bit on the heavy and stiff side but robust and easy to use. Worth a punt. Not the best for casting level lines but it can cast a #4. If you're going to try tenkara there's loads of...
  2. Damo

    Winter Clothing

    Hi, I've never used one but the Snowbee Breezblock fleece is for sale at half price on their Web site.. Cheers, Damian F
  3. Damo


    Hi Pierjump, I haven't used the Maxcatch nymph rods but there is a lot of discussion about them on their Facebook page. It seems that the Nano Nymph is by far the best, the Farglory is thought of as a bit floppy and the new In Touch (which I was interested in) is described as very top heavy. As...
  4. Damo


    Thanks, That was the rod I was looking at. Just wondered how tip heavy it is. Cheers, Damian F
  5. Damo


    Hi Grandad Keith, Which nymph rod did you order and what do you think of it? Cheers, Damian F
  6. Damo

    Fishing shirts.

    Hi Haggstock, Hope you like the jacket - I´ve got the same one, without the hood, and it´s great - the colour is a bit bright, though. I normally wear mine with a wading jacket over the top, so it doesn´t really matter. Cheers, Damian
  7. Damo

    Sage Sonic

    Hi, There´s a thread on our USA sister forum about the Sonic. Might be worth having a look... Cheers, Damian F
  8. Damo

    Fishing shirts.

    ....Shame, just had a good look at the site and they mostly only have small sizes left.
  9. Damo

    Fishing shirts.

    Hi, Allen Fly Fishing, a forum sponsor, have most of their clothing for sale at a silly price. I´ve got a few of their shirts, jackets and long johns and I can highly recommend them ( I bought most of them when they were much more expensive). Limited sizes in some of their stuff, though. The...
  10. Damo

    Budget Pike Fly rod?

    Hi, There´s a Wychwood PDR on ebay at the moment, it´s only just come out and is getting good reviews. Cheers, Damian f
  11. Damo

    Current Rod builders?

    Another vote for Gary Marshall. I found him great to communicate with and very willing to give advice and listen to what I wanted from the rod. The finished rod looks excellent and fishes exactly the way I wanted it to. I got mine about 18 months ago and I think the waiting list at that time was...
  12. Damo

    American vs British cane rods

    Hi Steve, Really interesting post, many thanks.
  13. Damo

    American vs British cane rods

    Hi all, I´ve got 3 cane rods, all made by British makers - 2 by Gary Marshall, 1 by Tim Harris. I find them excellent, they look great and fish beautifully. I couldn´t be happier. I can´t help noticing that over the pond (e.g.on the Classic Rod Forum) there is very little mention of British...
  14. Damo

    Wychwood chest pack/rucksack

    Hi, I´ve got the Wychwood you´re looking at. I like it a lot but I don´t think there´d be room in the back for a jacket and fleece. It has a bit more storage than a standard vest but nowhere near as much as a dedicated rucksack. I also have the Fishpond Wildhorse, which has loads of space but...
  15. Damo

    Thinking about Tenkara...

    Hi, This is a well maintained forum about more traditional tenkara... recommended. Cheers, Damian F
  16. Damo

    Thinking about Tenkara...

    Hi, I´ve been tenkara fishing for two or three years. Started thinking about it during a long winter, watched loads of online videos and got my stuff organised for the new season. If you´re used to regular fly fishing you should pick it up quickly. It´s very effective and good fun, but doesn´t...
  17. Damo

    Mackenzie single hand rods - anybody used one?

    Hi all, Just an update as to how far I´ve got. After this post I sent a few mails to various companies, but in the middle of it all my laptop went belly up and I had to fork out for a new one. I then flogged a load of stuff on ebay to get the money for the new rod and finally got around to...
  18. Damo

    WANTED: Mackenzie DTX G2 10ft 7wt

    Hi, They have them on sale here: I´ve used the shop a few times and the service has been really good. Cheers, Damian F
  19. Damo

    Guideline LPs

    Hi, I think these are on sale at John Norris at the moment...
  20. Damo

    Mackenzie single hand rods - anybody used one?

    Hi Lewis, Completely agree about S.Korean rods - I have a Hardy Ultralite that is fantastic and the new Douglas Sky G is supposed to be great as well. I´ll let you know what I decide on in the end . Cheers, Damian