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  1. Damo

    American vs British cane rods

    Hi all, I´ve got 3 cane rods, all made by British makers - 2 by Gary Marshall, 1 by Tim Harris. I find them excellent, they look great and fish beautifully. I couldn´t be happier. I can´t help noticing that over the pond (e.g.on the Classic Rod Forum) there is very little mention of British...
  2. Damo

    Mackenzie single hand rods - anybody used one?

    Hi all. Thinking of treating my self to a new 9ft 5 weight as an all rounder for medium sized rivers. I´d quite like a nice easy action, not too fast or too slow. Fancy trying something different to the usual and was looking at the Mackenzie rods. Has anybody had any first hand experience of...
  3. Damo

    Vision Stillmaniac line - What do you think?

    Hi all, Just seen this about the new Vision line - it comes with a built in tippet ring. Certainly different, what do you think? Damian F
  4. Damo

    Is this what I think it is?

    Hi all, Having a close season tackle browse and came across this on the Simms website... At first I had no idea what it was, but from looking at the reviews underneath it appears to be something for the jazz fag aficionado...
  5. Damo

    Studs in wading boots and driving

    Hi all, Bit of a first world problem here. I want to put studs into my Simms G3 boots but am getting a new car next week. The venues I normally fish are small streams where I fish a few pools then jump into the car to get to the next stretch - I drive with my waders and boots on. Does anybody...
  6. Damo

    John Norris 20 percent off sale

    Hi all, Just a quick heads-up, John Norris currently have a 20 percent off everything sale- ends midnight on Monday. Code: FISH20 Cheers, Damian F
  7. Damo

    Which head cement?

    Hi all, Just getting to the end of my Sally Hansen´s and was wondering what you are all using before I order some more ( you can't get it here in Austria). Anything better? If you are using something else, what do you use for a dispenser? Are the shop-bought head cement dispensers worth the...
  8. Damo

    Orvis Recon/ Vision Onki sale -heads up

    Hi all, Just a quick heads up - John Norris have a limited range of each of the above on sale. It includes the Recon 10ft 3 weight and the Onki 10ft 7 weight, which are both supposed to be great rods. Shame I´m spent up for this season... Cheers, Damian F
  9. Damo

    Has anybody fished Barnsfold recently?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of giving Barnsfold a go in the next few days. Does anybody know how it's fishing at the moment? Cheers, Damian F
  10. Damo

    Extra strong barbless nymph hooks?

    Hi all, Need to buy the above in sizes 16 to 12. Had a good session over the weekend on a lake which was very weedy - lost a few fish through my hooks straightening, though. Anybody know of some extra strong barbless nymph hooks which are suitable for hit and hold fishing? Cheers, Damian F
  11. Damo

    Guideline Fario CRS rods on sale

    Hi all, Just a heads up, these rods are on offer at John Norris for 150 Pounds instead of 450. All the reviews online are very good, so might be worth a punt. I´ve just ordered a 9ft 4wt 6 piece, been after a travel rod for a while so will be interesting to see how it shapes up. Cheers, Damian F
  12. Damo

    Hardy Zephrus Ultralite ?

    Hi all, Now they been out for a few months I was wondering if anybody has tried the Zephrus Ultralite. Online reviews are great across the board, but I´d like to hear from anyone with real-life experience of the rod. I´m particularly looking at the 9ft 9inch 5 weight to use as a float tube rod...
  13. Damo

    wychwood Gear Trap experiences?

    Hi all, These are being heavily marketed at the moment. They look well thought out and pretty good value. Has anybody used one or seen one in the flesh so they can comment on build quality, weight etc? I'm getting closed season itchy fingers... Cheers, Damian F
  14. Damo

    Hints for SWFF newbie in Waterville area

    Hi all, I´m going to Currane for a week with my Dad at the end of July. We´ve booked a couple of days on the lake and will maybe book a couple more on the upper lakes once we´re there. My dad´s in his seventies, though,, so we don´t want to be out on a boat all day every day. We´ll probably do...
  15. Damo

    Greys Gr70 - What´s the action like?

    Hi all, Was looking at maybe getting a Gr70 10ft 6 or 7 weight but Trout And salmon didn´t seem very impressed when they reviewed it this month. They reviewed the 91/2 ft 6 weight and seemed to suggest that it was way too stiff, without feel and should really be rated as a 7 weight. I was...
  16. Damo

    Lough/ lough rod

    Hi all, heading to Currane at the end of July and starting to get gear together. Thinking of getting an 11 foot rod. Any suggestions, don't really want to spend over 300 Quid. Or will a 10 footer do the job, again any suggestions welcome. Cheers, Damian F
  17. Damo

    Planning Ireland trip for August 2017

    Hi all, Looking at planning a fly fishing trip to Ireland for August next year. I´ll be going with my Dad, who is a fit 73 year old.Have been coarse fishing there many times but only fly fishing once about 10 years ago. We really enjoyed the fly fishing trip but didn´t catch much. We fished...
  18. Damo

    Sunray PL2 rod users?

    Hi, Just after some info about the above rod. Wondering how it compares to established nymph rods such as Hanaks, Streamflexes, Prestiges etc. The 10 ft 2 wt looks interesting. Cheers, Damian F
  19. Damo

    Storage of French leaders

    Hi all, The other day I was fishing a 9m French leader with nymphs when the fish started to rise. It was a long way back to the car so I took the leader off and put it in my waistcoat pocket and carried on fishing. When I went back to using it again it took me about 10 minutes to untangle. Any...
  20. Damo

    GR70 Streamflex/ Streamflex Plus

    Hi all, Just wondering about the actions and balance of the above rods. If anyone has tried both I´d be interested to know if there is any great difference between the two rods in 10 ft 3wt - i.e. is the Plus slower or heavier than the standard version at 10 ft. Any info appreciated, Cheers...