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  1. lavo85

    Rod sleeve

    Rod is a 4 piece.
  2. lavo85

    Rod sleeve

    Care to elaborate?
  3. lavo85

    Rod sleeve

    Looking for a rod sleeve for a 10ft6 rod, have misplaced the original. Anyone know where i could pick one up?
  4. lavo85

    Understanding Fly Lines

    Wide elastic band, write what the line is.
  5. lavo85

    Seatrout book

    Seatrout, by steffan jones, a must have book for the seatrout enthusiast, thoroughly enjoyable read. Large hardback, as new, £20 posted.
  6. lavo85

    Dynamic nymphing book

    Dynamic nymphing by george daniel, fantastic book and all you need to know regarding european and other nymphing methods. In as new condition, large hardback, £20 posted.
  7. lavo85

    Hardy reel advice

    A friend of mine is using his asr 4000 for 6 and 7wt fishing and whilst there isnt adequate backing if he hooked a 20lb springer there is enough for rainbows, grilse amd seatrout on it. He does like his reels on the smaller side though.
  8. lavo85

    Split shot

    The river i fish for dollaghan has some long, slow, silty runs, alot of big fish are picked up on the bung with a nymph, im wondering would dropshotting with 2 buzzers just of the bottom work, only one way to find out i suppose.
  9. lavo85

    Split shot

    what is it?
  10. lavo85

    Oral Hygene....Covid-19.

    the mouthwash must have at least 0.07% ofcetylpyridinium chloride, i dont think listerine does. uk available brand would be dentyl i think.
  11. lavo85

    Hardy reel advice

    I have the 5000 on my #7 demon, i wouldnt like to hook a double figured springer with the amount of backing but its dead on for rainbows etc. if you dont want it id take it because they are class reels:LOL:
  12. lavo85

    Split shot

    Seeing shot negates the need for weighted patterns has anyone used buzzer patterns on any such setups river fishing? im sure buzzers form a big part of a trouts diet on rivers aswel as stillwaters.
  13. lavo85


    I have george daniels dynamic nymphing and also seatrout by steffan jones, both fantastic books but ive read both. both are like new, no folded pages or damage. would swap for some flies, if a decent tyer fancied both books im sure we could come to an arrangement. drop me a pm.
  14. lavo85

    Split shot

    i have his book, and his videos are class.
  15. lavo85

    Split shot

    Next season im going to try using shot on some of my rigs instead of weighted flies when euronymphing, never done it before though so where do i place the shot and what size or weights of shot should i use. Any info very gratefully received. pearse.
  16. lavo85

    Mop fly

    defo going to try micro versions in muted colours on the rivers next year.
  17. lavo85

    Mop fly

    Not looking to start arguments, debates, none of that:LOL: A friend gave me some mop flys, what way do you fish them? retrieved like a lure, stripped, or left static. p
  18. lavo85

    Winter tactics

    What is your favourite tactics this time of year for the rainbows? was out last week and was catching primarily on black shipmans. keeps me ticking over with a rod in my hand until march.
  19. lavo85


    Could someone tie me a small selection of scuds with the tungsten body incorporated?
  20. lavo85

    All round line

    Might give one of them a go steven.