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    Joe Hart

    So, just a form slump then. Seems strange he's never (or rarely) mentioned in the media and as sum olgy says it does seem strange he wasn't snapped up as a former England keeper. I know he made the odd mistake but he didn't do bad for England overall.
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    Joe Hart

    From England and Man City goalkeeper to obscurity in a very short time. Why? - booze, drugs, gambling or women ? Or all four? Is he still at Burnley?
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    Fishing distance

    Is that because they have followed your fly from further out?
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    Fishing distance

    Briefly referred to on another thread and then ignored. Most fish are caught within 10 yards, true or false? All I can say is I fish 2 lakes about 10 acres each and after recent stocking it is often true. However give it a week and unless you can cast a fair way out or take to the boat, the...
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    How Do You Spell Nylon?

    Is this NYLON you all talk about the same as the NIGHLON I use?
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    The clue's in the name. Don't use it before 9pm.............:whistle:
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    Fishing with Sir Edward Elgar on 15 June

    So it was overcoming health issues rather than "advanced" age which made it "qute a walk". I'm not trying to be pedantic but health issues aside, 61 and 70 is hardly extreme old age even 100 years ago. Anyway I did enjoy your blog, well done for thinking of doing this.
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    Fishing with Sir Edward Elgar on 15 June

    Nice idea but I have to take issue with you on one point. I don't know how old you are but,"It was less than a mile, mostly downhill. He was aged 61 and Lady Alice was 70. Quite a walk at their age." Really? I know plenty of that age and older who regularly walk 10 miles and more on rambles.
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    Excellent Job Invicta

    Because I wasted 2 minutes of my life thinking we had at last got a new forum which worked better than this clunky one. I didn't think to check the dates at first, not expecting anyone to be daft enough to resurrect an old thread for reasons known only to themselves. Ah well, little things...
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    Excellent Job Invicta

    ***** with nothing better to do
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    How do you measure success when fishing?

    It's not a business, it's not a career, it's not something to be measured. It's enjoyment. Who cares as long as you have that?
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    Single Blob Method ?

    I'd be interested to know how people fish the blob?
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    The "BLOB"

    Re: The "BLOB" I have to say I agree entirely with all the views expressed on this thread.:confused:
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    Is Fly Fishing Phoney

    I've only fished reservoirs once - Blagdon and Chew, on a two day trip with a couple of friends about 15 years ago. They had never fished a reservoir before either. It wasn't particularly difficult, we all caught a fair number of fish, mostly on Montanas as I remember. I've had days like that...
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    Of wives and fly tackle...

    I take the view that what she doesn't know won't hurt me.
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    The Golden Age of Angling

    A Passion for Angling - perhaps indicative of a gentler more mannered age? I enjoyed it, especially the emphasis on being out there, not just trying to catch as much as possible.
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    I read on another thread (and in several books) that confidence in the fly you are using helps catch fish. Why? and How?
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    Electric Outboards and batteries - advice greatly appreciated

    Buy a pair of clip on battery terminal connectors which you can buy at any car accessories shop. They save a lot of messing hooking up and unhooking.
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    What would attract you to join a fishery?.

    A go ahead committee would seem to be a prerequisite:whistle: