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    I am, presumably, being thick....

    Thanks, guys, I was being thick.... :thumbs:
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    I am, presumably, being thick....

    I bought myself a new rod - Beulah, 12'4 8wt Platinum Spey - a thing of great beauty, feels lovely, and can't wait to get out on the South Tyne with it next season! They sent with it a line they (Beulah) recommended - their Elixir 525gr 8-9 wt, and I set out backing a spare spool, to attatch...
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    How many rods do you need?

    So far, second season fishing regularly, 14ft 9 wt dh for salmon 8ft 6 wt for trout 9ft spinning (rarely used) thinking about dh 12ft 8wt for salt water flies
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    Can anyone tell me what breed this pup is please?

    Havanese? Havanese Dogs| Havanese Dog Breed Info & Pictures | petMD
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    Anyone on here have instagram?

    iainmacmillan1 - just followed all accounts mentioned above cheers Iain
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    wader advice

    You may be best to get stocking foot waders and choose your boots according to your needs.
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    Hi all, Newby needing advice please !

    Like what Taffy said - I started fishing the Tyne for salmon this season (without working my way up via trout etc) and have loved it, even caught one recently. For tuition, there's one of the guys from Hardys who does a days tuition for £40 - not bad when you think many charge £25+ per hour. He...
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    Fishing shirt

    Off the OP's topic, but as others have mentioned mleskins, I reckon you can't get better than these - Hebden Bridge Trouser Co - startup this year which seems to have taken off incredibly well. I have a couple of pairs of their moleskins and one of their belts. Seem like a nice couple of blokes...
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    Fishing Impossible.

    That sturgeon was pretty impressive...
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    advice on waders

    Contact Diver Dave, who has most waders cheaper - he does reconditioned ones which are made stronger than the originals. :thumbs:
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    Spey casting/ double handed rods

    Again, thanks everybody - the Washington pages are great - interesting that a lot of people talking about adapting Spey casts to the salt, as well as overhand, but I guess finding the right line and setup is going to be critical. I did think standing on a west facing beach with a south westerly...
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    Spey casting/ double handed rods

    Thanks for the advice! Found the Lefty Kreh Saltwater book for £3.99 on Amazon, so ordered it!
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    Spey casting/ double handed rods

    Hi, gents, and ladies if present - still no news on move to Aus, but I have been reading around re saltwater fly fishing, and there appears to be a small group and possibly growing number of people in favour of double handed rods and adapting spey casting techniques to the saltwater environment...
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    Thanks, guys, wise advice - I've spent quite a bit of time in Broome and used to fish with a mate who lived there, in his tinny - bits of reef 20k offshore were great. I'm well aware if the irukandji (?sp) jellyfish, sea snakes, salties, stonefish and other hazards! Still, seems fun to do the...
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    Yeah - I guessed wading was out of the question with the big old salties round there....:eek:
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    Hi, not done any saltwater fly fishing, but may be going to the Kimberley for a while, where I know the barra fishing is good. I understand they can be caught with the fly, so would like to give it a go. Any experienced saltwater people have any hints or tips for me, as I really haven't a...
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    Leaky Waders ... Dammit !

    Or send them to Diver Dave and he'll sort them out for you for not very much money..... :thumbs:
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    Tyne angling passport

    Sorry - can't help as I'm a local club member and haven't a clue about the best day tickets - have asked a mate who does, so I'll let you know when he gets back to me. All he said after my first message was "upstream best!". Where are you going to be based?
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    First salmon (grilse)

    Indeed - Tiger Back Green Highlander - bought off Fulling Mill, not tied myself! That part of the obsession not yet started, but I can feel it coming on!:thumbs:
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    First salmon (grilse)

    Well, I'm chuffed to bits - 6lb grillse early this morning on the South Tyne - all in all, with club membership, kit etc, reckon it's cost me nigh on a grand, so better taste good!