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  1. lavo85

    Rod sleeve

    Looking for a rod sleeve for a 10ft6 rod, have misplaced the original. Anyone know where i could pick one up?
  2. lavo85

    Seatrout book

    Seatrout, by steffan jones, a must have book for the seatrout enthusiast, thoroughly enjoyable read. Large hardback, as new, £20 posted.
  3. lavo85

    Dynamic nymphing book

    Dynamic nymphing by george daniel, fantastic book and all you need to know regarding european and other nymphing methods. In as new condition, large hardback, £20 posted.
  4. lavo85


    I have george daniels dynamic nymphing and also seatrout by steffan jones, both fantastic books but ive read both. both are like new, no folded pages or damage. would swap for some flies, if a decent tyer fancied both books im sure we could come to an arrangement. drop me a pm.
  5. lavo85

    Split shot

    Next season im going to try using shot on some of my rigs instead of weighted flies when euronymphing, never done it before though so where do i place the shot and what size or weights of shot should i use. Any info very gratefully received. pearse.
  6. lavo85

    Mop fly

    Not looking to start arguments, debates, none of that:LOL: A friend gave me some mop flys, what way do you fish them? retrieved like a lure, stripped, or left static. p
  7. lavo85

    Winter tactics

    What is your favourite tactics this time of year for the rainbows? was out last week and was catching primarily on black shipmans. keeps me ticking over with a rod in my hand until march.
  8. lavo85


    Could someone tie me a small selection of scuds with the tungsten body incorporated?
  9. lavo85

    All round line

    Need a new floater on my 9ft 5wt demon, something that floats high, lies straight, for small stillwaters and smallish river, care to recommend? p
  10. lavo85

    Wychwood rocket floater

    Bought one of these lines and it was like a slinky, just completely coiled, was sent a replacement and this line seems just as bad. Are they all like this?
  11. lavo85


    Next year was going to head south to fish delphi in connemara in march, just wondering could anyone point me in the direction for info regarding daytickets, how far in advance to book etc. Anyone any info?
  12. lavo85

    Hardy ultralite 4000 fwdd SOLD

    Mint condition with neoprene pouch and box, loaded with backing and nymphing leader. £110 posted can email pics.
  13. lavo85

    International money transfer

    Looking some advice, Ive seen a rod for sale but the seller is based in lithuania, doesnt have paypal, what is the best method to transfer funds? My bank is nationwide
  14. lavo85

    Swap hardy ultralite 4000

    Mint condition hardy ultralite 4000, in box with pouch, backing and nymphing leader on it. looking to swap for a daniellson midge or nymph, must be unmarked. may consider other 2/3 reels but must be black colourway. drop me a pm.
  15. lavo85

    Demon, asr or cls

    Looking the above in either a 5000 or 6000, cash waiting, please drop me a pm.
  16. lavo85

    Daniellsson midge

    Mulling over a daniellsson midge flyreel for a nymphing rod but have heard there is no drag on it, is this true? If not it kind of rules the reel out for me, if so any other recommendations for a 3wt reel, one condition is it must have a drag and be black i dont like silver reels.
  17. lavo85

    Lightest nymphing rod 10ft6 #3

    Xmas approaching soon and i think i will treat myself to another nymphing rod, id like a 10ft6 3wt that is light and very sensitive, any recommendations?
  18. lavo85

    Hanak alpen nymph

    Looking to swap my hanak alpen nymph, used twice so mint condition, it can operate at 9ft6 upto 11ft, reason i want to swap is because i dont like carrying extra sections but can appreciate it will suit others. ideally looking to swap for a 10ft6 hanak ultralight or superb and i can include...
  19. lavo85

    Downlocking reel seat

    I have. Hanak alpen nymph rod, i use it between 10ft6 and 11ft for nymphing but was thinking of having the reel seat replaced for a downlocking seat, is it worth the hassle? If so what am i likely to pay? Anyone to recommend for the job?
  20. lavo85

    Daniellsson dryfly

    Looking for this reel, must be mint condition, drop me a pm.