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    Stillwaters: Fishing a team of dry flies?

    When fishing more than one dry flies on Stillwaters, if you want to enhance their visibility by using a larger dry as a "sighter", do you put the larger dry on the point, or as the top dropper? Thanks. Cheers, Bryan
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    Angling Trust Loch Style Team Championship 2019?

    I watched the YouTube video of the Angling Trust Loch Style Team Championship 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was hoping to find a similar video of the 2019 championship, but have not been successful. Anyone know if there is a on-line video available for the Angling Trust Loch Style Team...
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    Do you "dip" your dry flies in liquid fly floatant after tying them?

    Recently I watched a YouTube video from 2017 of Paul Davison tying the Midas fly. As the final step at the fly tying bench he said he always dips his flies in a silicon based liquid fly floatant then puts them on a plate to dry before putting them in his fly boxes. Do you typically "dip" your...
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    My 1st Drogue

    Here I am at a campsite on Hebgen Lake, Montana, a few miles west of Yellowstone National Park. Before the trip, I ordered a Wychwood International Paradrogue from a tackle dealer in the UK I purchase from periodically. My apologies for asking a question that has been beat recently, but as a...
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    Bung fishing?

    In North America, Stillwater fishing with an Indicator, a/k/a Bobber, is usually done from an anchored position (typically with an anchor at the bow and the stern). In the UK, is Bung fishing done from an anchored position, or drifting with a drogue, or both depending on the conditions, etc...
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    Problems with my new AirFlo Superflo Mini Tips??

    I recently purchased (from a UK dealer and had them shipped to me in Portland, Oregon) , both in 6wt, AirFlo's new Superflo 3' Fast Intermediate Tip and their Superflo 12’ Slow Intermediate Tip. According to the box, the 3’ tip is supposed to have a “Light Green” tip and an “Olive” body. My...
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    Plastic chain for adjusting Drogue?

    Another question in my on-going series re: Drogues. Do you think plastic chain, with a Tensile strength of 200 lbs, would be strong enough to use at the boat ends of the two lines from the Wynchwood Comp drogue to provide easy length adjustments? Cheers, Bryan
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    Diameter of rope for a drogue?

    What's your preferred rope diameter to use with a drogue like the Wychwood Competition? Thanks. Cheers, Bryan
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    Positioning of drogue?

    I've never used a drogue, but will soon be getting my first Wychwood Competition drogue to use on my new 14' aluminum V-hull boat. Is there a "rule-of-thumb" regarding the tie-in (or clamp-on) points to the side of the boat for the line coming from each side of the drogue, i.e. how far from...
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    UK Fly Fishing Podcasts?

    Any suggestions for UK Fly Fishing Podcasts, ideally with a focus on Stillwater fishing? I've Googled, but found slim pickens. Thanks. Cheers, Bryan
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    Airflo 2020 Catalogue: New Tip lines?

    We don't get the Airflo catalogue on this side of the Pond because the product offerings differ here as compared to the UK. In fact, the U.S. distributor of Airflo does not even carry the Tip lines (I hope that changes with AirFlo's new U.S. based ownership). Anyway, I am very interested to...
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    Glister: Chop it?

    Do you run your Glister thru a coffee grinder, or otherwise cut it, to shorten the fibers so they are a bit more manageable for dubbing? Thank you. Cheers, Bryan
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    Scientific Anglers stillwater PARABOLIC SINK line?

    Anyone have any experience with the Scientific Angers stillwater PARABOLIC SINK line? Thanks. Cheers, Bryan
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    Preferred barbless hook(s) for Diawl Bach, Cruncher, Muskin, etc.?

    What is your preferred barbless hook (brand and model #) for stillwater nymph patterns such as Diawl Bachs, Crunchers, Muskins, etc. Thanks. Cheers, Bryan
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    "Hang Markers" on Stillwater fly lines?

    Which type(s) of stillwater fly lines do you like to have Hang Markers? If the manufacturer of the line did not put a Hang Marker on the line, what do you use to make your Hang Marker? How far from the tip of the fly line do you typically put your Hang Marker? Thank you. Cheers, Bryan
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    Hull color: Does it matter for Stillwater fishing?

    I'm going to be ordering a new 12' boat for my Stillwater fishing here across the Pond. I have a choice of numerous colors, including white, for the gel coat on the hull. Any insights on whether the hull color affects fishing in Stillwaters? If so, what colors are "good" and which ones are...
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    AirFlo Midge Tip lines??

    Looking at the AirFlo website, I don't see any Midge Tip lines. Anyone know why? Are they no longer making Midge Tip lines (which would be surprising)? Or, are they in the transition of moving from their "old" product line to a "new" series of Midge Tip lines? Thanks. Cheers, Bryan
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    Gareth Jones flyfishing book?

    Awhile ago, I heard that Gareth Jones of AirFlo was writing a book about flyfishing, possibly with a focus on stillwater fishing. Anyone know if that's true, and if so, the status of the book? Thank you. Cheers, Bryan
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    To Degrease (e.g. Fuller's Earth) or Not?

    For topwater stillwater fishing, do you degrease your leader/tippet with Fuller's Earth (or something comparable)? Or, have you concluded, as some that I've read, that Fuller's Earth (and comparable products) actually make the leader/tippet more visible to the fish due to the residue that is...
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    AirFlo new "SuperFlo" series: Mini Tip versions?

    Anyone know if the soon-to-be-released AirFlo "SuperFlo" series of lines will include Mini-tip versions? If so, in what length tips (e.g. 3', 6', 12')? Also, if so, in different sink rate options for the tips (e.g. Slow and Fast)? Thank you. Cheers, Bryan