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    I am, presumably, being thick....

    I bought myself a new rod - Beulah, 12'4 8wt Platinum Spey - a thing of great beauty, feels lovely, and can't wait to get out on the South Tyne with it next season! They sent with it a line they (Beulah) recommended - their Elixir 525gr 8-9 wt, and I set out backing a spare spool, to attatch...
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    Spey casting/ double handed rods

    Hi, gents, and ladies if present - still no news on move to Aus, but I have been reading around re saltwater fly fishing, and there appears to be a small group and possibly growing number of people in favour of double handed rods and adapting spey casting techniques to the saltwater environment...
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    Hi, not done any saltwater fly fishing, but may be going to the Kimberley for a while, where I know the barra fishing is good. I understand they can be caught with the fly, so would like to give it a go. Any experienced saltwater people have any hints or tips for me, as I really haven't a...
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    First salmon (grilse)

    Well, I'm chuffed to bits - 6lb grillse early this morning on the South Tyne - all in all, with club membership, kit etc, reckon it's cost me nigh on a grand, so better taste good!
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    Was at my favourite stretch of water yesterday - we share it with people on day tickets. In the morning, there was a lovely guy there before me. I wandered down to the bank and asked if he minded if I followed him down. He, of course, said - "please do" - we had a very pleasant morning, and he...
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    Smoking (not tabs)

    After a couple of near misses with the salmon on the South Tyne yesterday, I am starting to think that I may actually catch one this season - jumping the gun, I know, and I've probably jinxed myself, but I have a question. As our whole family is very partial to smoked salmon, I would want to...
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    Has anyone tried this?

    Seems a fairly straightforward method... Skateboarding into a river.. - GIF on Imgur
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    First fish of the season

    I went for a day's salmon fishing with a mate at the end of last season, and had such a good time that I thought I would get a lot more experience, and hopefully some skill this season. Bought a decent rod, loads of accessories etc, and have paid for decent tuition. I've had three all day...
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    North Tyne - Barrasford

    First outing of the season tomorrow - a day's fishing and tuition from Johnny, off of Hardy's - thought I'd better have a few sessions with him before venturing off on my own, and at £40 for the day, it's damn good value. I shall report back with progress.
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    Drunk fishing

    Oh dear, just seen a clip on The Last Leg about a Belgian Drunk Fishing competition, with a very drunk guy falling in the river. Profoundly irresponsible, booze and water really dont mix, and the organisers should be ashamed of themselves. :confused::eek::omg:
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    Karma, probably

    Without wanting to get involved in the ethics etc of spinning... I just got an 8ft Hardys Fibalite spinning rod off of eBay - cheap. Now the lining of the tip ring is missing, so it's unusable at the moment, but I wondered how easy it would be to replace - I see tip ring replacements for a few...
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    Hexham Anglers

    Hi, just introducing myself if there are any Hexham Anglers on these boards - Andrew just told me that there's a space for me from next year, so hope to meet some of you soon. I've been walking the dog past the Waters Meet stretch for the past three years and thought I should be standing in it...
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    Hi, all, new to these forums, having recently picked up fly fishing again after a loooong break. I recently found this - relating to my youthful fishing expeditions in Kashmir - we lived in India when I was a teenager, and used to head to the mountains in the summer to escape the Delhi heat...