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    Net question

    So im getting everything together ready for a go at the trout on the river , complete newbie to it all and its going to be a big dose of trial and error . Anyone recommend a functional net and best way to carry it ? Im intending wearing my chesties and a small back pack , as i will be doing a...
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    New challenge

    Hi all Having recently relocated to Vale of Neath in South Wales im really getting the itch to try the river on the fly . Fished all my life , course , carp , beach casting and then the last 7 or so years have been exclusively bass lure fishing . I have the river Neath on my doorstep and with...
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    Getting started South Wales

    Good evening all Been fishing most of my life ( 51 now ) , coarse and carp in my younger years , many years beach casting and the last 7 yrs have been totally bass lure fishing . Recently relocated to Vale of Neath and im seriousely getting the itch to try river fly fishing . Completely new...