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    Keith Frazer GM6

    Has anyone got original pkt of above fritz they could photograph and put on forum. its really just to try colour match with what is available today. Thanks in advance for any help.John
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    Hanak Competition Superlight 10ft 7wt

    Anyone tell me anything about this rod,action etc? John
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    Wet Weather Gear.

    After years of different gear combinations to stay dry and thinking id cracked it, yesterday i was proven wrong again even before starting to fish. Dont get me wrong this has always been on a budget. After hearing stories of hundreds of pounds spent on top gear only to still get wet to some...
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    Scierra Pairs Final.

    Final now changed to Rutland Sunday 4th October.
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    Lureflash Booby Eyes Small

    Just bought a pack of above booby eyes, what a waste of money, when they are compressed thats how they stay. Do i have a rogue pack or are they that bad. Anyone use them? Tried to contact them but site on pack does not seem to exist .
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    Llyn Brenig

    Can anyone advise where i can purchase a depth chart / fishing map of Llyn Brenig. Thanks for any help.John
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    Wychwood Flyrods

    Been looking for Scierra hm3 6/7 but no luck. Now looking at Wychwood RS not the comp but RS or RS2. Think comp action wouldnt suit, anyone fishing with these rods could advise on action, ad says on slower side of fast. Thanks for any advise. John ,
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    WANTED Scierra HM3 10ft 6/7

    Very long shot,looking for above rod in vgc. Hopefully one in the back of a cupboard somewhere. PM please.
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    Found: Hardy Reel Badge

    Found the above at Lake of Menteith yesterday in car park at tree that overhangs church wall. Doesnt look weathered so lost maybe since opening. Only a small thing but a pain to replace sometimes. John
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    Jensen flyrods

    A.Jensen fly rods any good Uttings have slashed prices on a few brands of rods
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    Stay Safe

    To all anglers lucky enough to get fishing soon,stay safe and enjoy. Dont forget the way you all behave may affect the way our season ends up. Tight lines John
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    With all the bad flooding in Britain over recent years what state are the rivers and streams in in general. Are landowners and clubs aloud to stock or are things just left to nature. I have read bits and pieces from time to time but just wondering feelings of the angler.
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    River anglers

    I've not done any river fly fishing for natural Browns and was wondering. How willing is a returned fish to take again and how many times have you had a fish retake in a session. John
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    Just been clearing out some old fly boxes and came across a fly i used with great success in the past. The Church Fry. Anyone still have success with it. I believe Bob Church designed it in 1963. John
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    Just have to wait.

    Well practice day tomorrow at the Lake, Scierra Pairs Sunday. Was so looking forward to it suppose just have to wait. Hopefully get to wet a line at some point this year if im spared. So hope they find something to stem this bloody virus soon, too many dead and ill, too many families hurting .
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    Airflo deluxe boat seat

    Airflo Deluxe Boat Seat for sale £60 good cond. Uplift from Fairlie(Ayrshire)
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    Sage Z-Axis

    Sage Z-Axis 10ft 8wt 4pc (Good Condition) £200 + Postage Factory built Rod in Original rod bag and metal tube.
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    Over the last week I had reason to contact MASTERLINEWALKER directly re a product they supply.From the minute the phone was answered I was treated in a friendly professional way which was faultless.I was put through to Chris who answered all my questions,and spent time explaining things.On...
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    2x AIRFLO C8 Flyreels + 4 Spare Spools

    Reels are well used but in perfect working order. comes with 3x flylines sky blue intermediate 7wt clear glass intermediate 7wt extra fast sinker.7wt All lines still usable, £40 inc recorded delivery.
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    Shakespeare summit salmon fly reel

    Brand new reel and spare spool in box £30 inc postage.