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    Red tippet?

    I found a fly the other day when i was out fishing, it was a cdc shuttlecock. The strange thing was it was tied to a length of red coloured tippet. First iv seen this. Does anyone use red tippet? If so, what is the reason?
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    Beginner advice please

    Thinking about starting to tie my own flys :eek: and was looking for any advice on what vice, tools etc to look at. Im a complete novice. Thanks
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    Scierra Memento fly rods

    Anyone got or tried the Scierra Memento fly rods? Good discounts on them. Cant find any reviews.
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    Loch Leven help

    A pal of mine has booked us a boat on Loch Leven next week, i have never fished there & i realise its a massive water. Any tips on where to fish, lines & flies to use at this time of year would be much appreciated
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    Tough day on drys

    Fished my local rainbow fishery today & blanked. Lost one at the net & must have risen at least a dozen others on deer hair emergers. Never even jagged any of the other fish i tried everything, striking straight away, pausing, not striking at all but no luck. Very enjoyable but frustrating day...
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    Washing line

    The washing line is not a method i have fished much so looking for some advice, if using a di3 line and a booby or FAB on the point does this stay on the surface or sink under? I was thinking this might be a good method if theres not much happening on the surface. Just cast out, then slow...
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    How to make CDC float

    What do you guys recommend to use to help cdc flys float? I use gink on other drys and was going to try applying it lightly to cdc but is their anything else better? Was fishing a cdc dry today & it sank after about 3 casts :confused:
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    Hardy CLS 5000 spools

    Anyone selling a couple of these spools? They come up on ebay now & again but none at the moment
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    Scott Flex rods

    Iv sold a couple of 7wt rods and looking to get 6wts, anyone got or tried the Scott Flex? Seen them heavily discounted & had a look at one. Im looking at 10’ 6wt & wondering what your thought on them are? Cheers
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    Drying stocking foot waders

    Is there a way to dry stocking foot waders quickly after use? Had them on the washing line yesterday but still damp & its raining today. Dont want to put them away til they are dry
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    Where to catch a Grayling

    I have never caught a Grayling so im going to make a real effort to catch one now the brown trout season is over. Where in Scotland would you recommend as the best place to catch one? Would prefer to do it on the fly & in the central belt if possible.
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    Diawa Lexa 9’6” 6 weight

    Diawa Lexa 9’6” Stillwater special 6 weight fly rod, in mint condition. Only used a handful of times. Comes with sock & tube. Can email pictures. £115 posted. NOW SOLD
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    What colour Blob

    When fishing a blob, how do you guys pick the colour? Is it the colour of the water, depth etc? Iv not fished them but have a few in my box, took my 10 year old son to a fishery to teach him fly fishing, he picked a blob to use, caught on 3rd cast so they obviously work & im looking at giving...
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    Weather forecast

    Was looking to go out fishing today but as usual all the weather forecasts on my phone apps are saying totally conflicting things. BBC say beautiful sunshine, met office say cloudy and the rest are not sure. Where would you guys say is the most reliable?
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    Wychwood Connect fly lines

    Does anyone have a Rocket or a Feather down floating one of these lines? Looking for a new 6wt line & these seem good value. Do they have welded loops?
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    Washing Goretex Jacket

    I recently picked up a bargain Simms guide jacket from ebay, its only been worn a couple of times but will need a wash at some point. Would you just wash as per the instructions or would you recommend an additive/waterproof wax ? If so which one? Cheers
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    Braided loops for sink tip line

    I have a packet of RM loops which i used for my floating lines, question is i have bought an airflo sixth sense clear sink tip line but the sleeve on the RM loop is bright red would this be the wrong loop to use on a clear sink tip? Im thinking the point of the line being clear is to not spook...
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    Airflo sixth sense lines

    Looking at a new mini tip line for buzzers next season & i see the airflo sixth sense are down to £25. Any good? Also what are the weights like? They say 5/6 , 6/7, 7/8. Is that just 5wt 6wt or 7wt. Thanks
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    Orvis warranty registration

    I bought a second hand Orvis Clearwater rod from a private seller, he hadnt registered the warranty & i was wondering how to do this? I have no paperwork & cant see a serial number on the rod
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    Grayling trotting rod?

    Im looking at doing some fishing for grayling & was thinking of trotting maggots. What rod would you guys recommend? Even just what size etc? I have no idea about float fishing / course rods