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    Dominic Garnett's book

    Has anyone read Dominic Garnett's new book "Fly Fishing for Corase Fish"? I just got it yesterday. On an initial read-through it contains some excellent advice and fly patterns. It gives a good introduction to some of the patterns and methods that Dominic has used.
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    Fishing in Florida around Plant City

    Hi all, Next year I'll be likely heading to Plant City, Florida for a holiday as that's where my wife's sister lives. Possibly February/March I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what sort of fishing is available around the area. It's about an hour from Tampa (I believe) so any...
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    Provo River, Park City, Utah

    Hi all, I'mm off for a skiing trip to Park City in March and I'm going to take a day off from hurtling down the slopes for a day's fishing. I'll probably go for the Provo river ... has anyone fished this in March? If so, any information will be gratefully received (guides used, tackle needed...
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    Well it's a start!

    Yesterday was my first trip of the season to the Loddon. Wind was a bit of a pain (being a fly caster with <1 years experience) but I ended up not losing any flies or getting any wind knots (result!). Plenty of fish rising to flies ... unfortunately they were all bleak :(. I even managed to...
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    Skiing and Fishing in British Columbia

    Hi all, I've just got back from skiing in Whistler (BC) and took a day's fly fishing on the Squamish river with a local guide. I had a great day out and I even managed to catch a sea-run cutthroat trout. Beautiful fish and a lively scrapper. Fantasic scenery, big (but cold water :eek: )...
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    Anyone used a Youngs Aerodex Centrepin?

    Hi all, I'm going to buy a centrepin for the new season. Looking at prices I'm reuctant to spend >£200 on a 'pin. I was either going to buy an Okuma Aventa Pro which a friend of mine has and they are really nice reels. I noticed that the Youngs Aerodex is available at about £140. Has anyone...
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    Line falling in a heap

    Hi, As I've only ever been fly fishing 3 times (but have been coarse fishing for 20 years) ... but just managed to catch my first fish ... (hurrah:) ) I was wondering if anyone had any tips to avoid the leader falling in a heap. I occasionally manage to get the line and leader shooting out...