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    Arctic Char
  2. dgp

    Why aren't blue flies popular

    Unlike red and yellow I don't tie or use many flies with blue in them - blue flash damsel and various wet flies with blue guinea fowl and jay feathers but nothing like the numbers tied and used with red and yellow. Never used blue marabou or blue deer hair or blue thread or blue dubbing. OK...
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    Birthday Honours 2020

    We do see quite regularly footballers and rugby players who played for their country being awarded - I only know of Moc Morgan in Wales who had an award but I do wonder if fishermen who have done great things - fished for their country, cleaned up rivers, encouraged disabled anglers etc etc...
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    Who was Kate McLaren ?

    Just tying up a few and I know this fly was invented by Charles McLaren - but was Kate his wife, daughter, lover ?
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    Dry fly fishing. Fluorocarbon best in bright conditions.

    Apologies for bringing the FC v Nylon debate to the forum again but Gareth Jones in the latest T&S presents convincing evidence from fishing with dries at Brenig that FC catches more fish than nylon (or copolymer as he calls it !) when 'the sun is shining and light ripples'. Not my experience...
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    Mrs Simpson

    Thought I'd try something different - not sur I,ve used the right feathers so apologies Mrs simpson (whoever you are)
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    Your Next Fishing Detination

    Calculate your next Fishing Destination Instructions Destination 1. Choose a letter between 1 and 9 1. Ireland 2. Multiply by 3 2. Scotland 3. Add 3...
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    A Scotsman thoughts on the virus

    Tae a virus Twa months ago, we didna ken, yer name or ocht aboot ye But lots of things have changed since then, I really must salute ye Yer spreading rate is quite intense, yer feeding like a gannet Disruption caused, is so immense, ye’ve shaken oor wee planet. Corona used tae be a beer, they...
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    Would you buy these?- cos somebody must

    Orvis catalogue arrived through the post today. Am intrigued to see pliers at £269 and line nippers at £89. They must be good because pliers were awarded gear of the year in 2017 and the nippers were the Editors choice. Even if I was very rich can't see me buying these but somebody must.
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    Record Trout
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    Alternative to uni-thread 8/0 please

    Grateful iif you could recommend an alternative as am finding 200yd uni-thread which up to now I have used for all my fly tying is tending to break. May have a bad batch but would like to try sometthing else. Many thanks
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    Royal Wulff triangular taper prenium plus tapered line £100

    In recent years I've only ever bought Mike Barrio fly lines followed by Maxcatch. I really wonder what it would be like to cast one of these rolls royce lines. Anyone out there use one and would have no hesitation in buying another ?
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    Can anyone put a name to these Salmon flies please

    Given to me by a great Aunt so getting on for 80 plus years old. Irish in origin
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    Most surprising thing you've hooked when fishinh

    Bright sunshine yesterday so went fishing for mackerel. Was retrievng my lure from deep when I was hit by something heavy. Wow I said to my mate must have big fish on every hook. Hauled the 'catch' to the surface and on the end of the line was a guillemot. Landed the flapping beast which was...
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    Cormorants in Wales

    Quite used to seeing these predators on our reservoirs in N Wales - Brenig, Cefni, Trawfynydd but shocked to see them this summer for the first time on the high mountain lakes in Snowdonia. Must be causing devastation to the precious wild brownies which have a tough time anyway. Perhaps not...
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    What can I tie with red maribou ?

    When I started tying I bought various colours of maribou. I've tied patterns in black, olive,white, orange - but nobody suggest using red for wooly buggers, tadpoles, fritz etc hence I've still got an unopened packet. What is it with red lures ? Are they not fish catchers hence nobody suggests...
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    Broad Oaks, Hanley Castle. Anyone fished it ?

    Will be in Tewkesbury at the end of the week with a free afternoon. Anybody familiar with Broad Oaks ? worth a visit ? Any comments much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Arctic Char - some good news

    Shoal of 100 Arctic charr seen in Llyn Padarn - BBC News
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    Using a Drogue - help please

    Started boat fishing recently and have bought a drogue. It comes with very long ropes. I know it will depend on how big a boat you are using. I was at Brenig last week - some chaps had the drogue tied very close to the boat others had the drogue out on the full length of rope available. Does it...
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    One fish two flies!

    Caught a rainbow yesterday - it took my beetle on the point and a buzzer on the dropper - both hooks firmly set. Has anyone ever experienced this before ? I assume it took the beetle off the top first but it all happened so quickly !