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  1. gg76

    Black Loch east renfrewshire

    Hi, I am trying to find a contact for the Black Loch angling club? Not the loch in Falkirk. If anyone can help It would be much appreciated. thanks
  2. gg76

    Another emerger

  3. gg76

    Attaching photos

    looking for the best way to post pics? I recently posted some pictures and used the attach files option and my pictures were added , however they seem in a different format to all the other pics in the forum? Not sure what I am doing wrong?
  4. gg76


    Having enjoyed looking at everyone else's flies over the years on this forum I thought I would finally brave it myself!
  5. gg76

    Name the Stillwater

    I thought I would revive this old thread( can’t find the original?) here is 1 to get the ball rolling
  6. gg76

    Hardy DD 3000 reel or spare spool

    Hi , I am looking for the above please a spare spool would be preferable though. Cheers G
  7. gg76

    Simms nippers

    Hi, I am looking for Simms line nippers please. Cash ready . Thanks G
  8. gg76

    Electric engine

    Hi, I am looking for engine recommendations please around 55lbs thrust? I am looking to spend £150- 250 on an 1. I am considering a Jago...which doesn’t seem to be easy to pick up spare parts. A bison very easy to order new parts or a Rhino at the top end of my budget?
  9. gg76

    Help! Stuck rod sections!

    Hi, I am looking for some advice please! After fishing in pretty warm conditions the 2 bottom sections on my favourite rod are stuck tight. I have tried all the usual methods, rod behind the knees, 4 hand wrap over, ice, hot water , butter, latex and rubber gloves! Still not budging, I also...
  10. gg76

    Leaky float tube

    Hi, This might seem like a silly question, however. What is the best way to repair a slow puncture on a float tube? Thanks G
  11. gg76

    Float tube hire

    Hi, Does anyone know of any companies that hire out float tubes? Going to Sutherland and would like to hire 1 for a few days. Or if anyone on here has a spare that I could hire? Thanks
  12. gg76

    Black hen cape

    Hi , I am looking for recommendations for a black hen saddle cape please. I will be using it to tie flies on size 12,14,16 hooks? Mostly 14 though. I seem to remember a post a while back about an eBay seller who was well thought of? I have had a search can’t find the post again though. Cheers G
  13. gg76

    Loch Eye

    Hi, I am thinking of going to loch Eye in June and wonder if anyone can recommend nearby accommodation . Most places fully booked already. Cheers G
  14. gg76

    Hardy Jet sintrix 10 ft 7wt

    Hi , I am looking to swap my mint condition Hardy Jet 10ft 7 wt for a 6wt either a 10ft or a 9’ 6. It must be in excellent condition and of good quality. Thanks Gordon :thumbs:
  15. gg76

    Inflatable fly vest

    Hi I am looking for an inflatable fly vest in a small or medium. Thanks Gordon
  16. gg76

    Boat seat

    Hi I have a custom boat seat for sale. SOLD !!pick up only or I can meet up at the Harelaw fishery. Thanks G
  17. gg76

    Hardy DD 3000 spare spool

    looking for the above please. Bit of a long shot . Thanks G
  18. gg76

    Reservoir/Grilse set up

    Hi , I have a Orvis streamline 10ft 7wt, wychwood flow reel with 7wf Hardy Mach line spooled (Hardy line has been used once) all in great condition. Looking for SOLD+postage. Pictures on request Final price reduction looking for SOLD postage Cheers G NOW SOLD
  19. gg76

    Vision float tube

    Hi , I have been looking at this float tube from GAC Does anybody have any experience with this tube ? It is going to be my first one so I have no benchmark or experience. Cheers G
  20. gg76

    Which net?

    Hi, I would like some recommendations for a new scoop net please. I usually release fish to hand in the water,however I have come to a stage where it will probably be easier to net them. I like the look of the folding guideline and also the skb silicone net? Any thoughts? Cheers G