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  1. gg76

    Cleaning cork handle

    Magic eraser and dry off
  2. gg76

    Pete Tyjas & Paul Whitehouse podcast

    I have listened to most of Pete‘s podcasts this year and have enjoyed most of them. One thing that I would like to hear more of is interviews from outside of England. There have been very few guests from Scotland or Ireland which I think would give his podcasts a bit more variety and insight.
  3. gg76


    I have the black star rod in a 4wt and can't fault the finish or the Cork. I think I paid something like £25 for it. What let's it down for me is its sold as a fast actioned rod and mine is medium at best.
  4. gg76


    Hi, Yes I have the inter line it’s a decent line. It takes a good half hour or so to realise it’s not a floater though👍 I much prefer the sink tip line which is great and going on for its 3rd season next year.
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    Thanks fellas , going to order a few lines for next season 👍
  6. gg76


    Does anyone have the latest discount code please?
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    Understanding idiots

    Yeah they sound like good friends! Or the ***t who when sharing a boat sees a fish rise right in middle between the 2 anglers . In this situation normal practice is for 1 guy to cast just left of the rise and the other just right giving both anglers a chance, not old c**ty! He cast across the...
  8. gg76

    Understanding idiots

    There is also the c**t that when sharing a boat during a comp the engine on the left and said c**t on the engine. Its clear the fish are hard in the bank. The c**t thinks he's is sooo clever and no one will notice that he makes sure you are blocked off and pushed out away from the fish... That...
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    Hi Jim, I wouldn’t worry too much about your order, in my experience orders usually take about 4 - 6 weeks. Cheers G
  10. gg76

    Boat set up

    I bought 1 like this years ago
  11. gg76

    Dour Lochs

    Fished Slethill in August most fish around a 1lb good sport though in blazing sun. The cross lochs were a mixed bag. Good sport on Mac until the sun came out.
  12. gg76

    'Grunters' spinning...

    Hi, +1 for fulling mill Czech nympth hook Size 16 and 3 plumes of CDC’s. i Haven’t noticed any spinning and I am cack handed 😁 maybe just position it on the tail? cheers
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    The currse of the engine

    Always went with the traditional engine on the left, as the unwritten rule.
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    WF Fly Line

    I bought a couple of guideline 4 cast about 8 years ago from I think frankie mcphillips. £35 quid each delivered and they were fantastic lines that lasted a few seasons. i was told Rio started making/selling the 4 casts a few years back hence the price hitch. I managed to buy 1 for around £60...
  15. gg76

    Hook recommendations

    I really like fulling mill also, however I have had a good few of the grab gape in smaller sizes mostly 16s (Close to a18)opening up?
  16. gg76

    Hook recommendations

    These hooks are very popular round my way 👍 ×
  17. gg76


    Orders usually take 4-6 weeks for me. I have also mentioned for me the eco reel isn't the greatest, the drag is poor as is the finish especially on the silver 1. If you are after a reel I can recommend the Tail reel, it's a little dearer but definitely worth the £30 or so. Cheers G
  18. gg76

    Fulling mill flouo v2

    Totally agree the Wychwood comp flouro was the best around. Absolutely had total faith in it and it was cheap for 150m the ghost and lure stuff that replaced it are not a patch on the comp flouro.
  19. gg76

    Black Loch east renfrewshire

    Hi, I am trying to find a contact for the Black Loch angling club? Not the loch in Falkirk. If anyone can help It would be much appreciated. thanks
  20. gg76

    How to make CDC float

    It is a rough old fly alright, well mine are anyway ! Everytime I tie 1 on I can’t help but think of the old 80s kids tv programme terror hawks...