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    Replacement for Hardy Bass bag.

    Hi Guys. I hope this is in the right area. My old Hardy bass bag has seen its best days and needs to be replaced having served me well for 20+ years. It is the soft cloth type which works on the principle of evaporation to keep fish cool. Can anyone recommend a modern equivalent?. I...
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    New rod advice.

    Having turned three score years and ten I find that the 10 1/2 foot 7 weight fly rod I have been using since 1994 is becoming difficult to manage for a full day's lough fishing. As a result I have decided to explore the possibility of getting a new rod for my declining years (if any). I fish...
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    Watersnake Tracer 54lb 42 inch outboard switch wiring.

    Long shot here. I have a Watersnake tracer electric outboard which stopped working in reverse a couple of weeks ago. I dismantled the switch and found that a small piece of plastic had melted and isolated the reverse mechanism. It is now cleaned and is working on all speeds again but I think I...