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    Ireland Conn Mask Corrib et al.

    Any predictions fellow fishers for when we can get fishing again? What about us foreigners from the north..Will we be able to travel south??
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    Lough Conn 2019

    Anyone been out this year yet? So small trout last year.. I hope something has changed
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    Lough Conn

    Has anyone been out on Conn recently? Any reports? Also..there have been one or two references in reports to "Pratts Bay"..which bay is that?? Ive fished the upper part of the lough for 30 yrs and Ive only heard Pratts bay mentioned this past three years.
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    Lough Conn

    Has anyone been out on Conn recently. Any updates??
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    Lough Conn & Cullin Anglers Whit Weekend Competition 2013

    Does anyone have the correct dates for the competition this year. I have been told its the 1st June by one and 8th June by another
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    Lough Conn

    I will be heading to Lough Conn in a couple of weeks for my annual pilgrimage. I have heard a few differing reports about the numbers and size of trout. Also new flies being successful. Any tips...... I ususally fish out of Tolans and cover the lough as far as Errew Shore.
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    How did the competition on Melvin go at the weekend? Any updates?
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    Lough Conn

    Anyone been on Lough Conn recently. I am hoping to get a few days later this month. The mayfly has been a bit unpredictable over the past few years so it would be useful to get some first hand knowledge of how its performing. Is the fly up yet in any numbers etc. is the Lough clean or has the...
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    Mayfly news

    Any mayfly news yet. I hear the fly is up on Derg?