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    Simms G4Z

    Ive just been told my 3 yr old G4z waders are to old and worn for repair and hjave been sent back un repaired,simms weren't even going to return then although they wernt leaking. I had sent back as I had ripped on some barbed wire,it hadn't went right through. I sent them photo for advice and...
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    More poor quality Greys products.

    i had one and magnet was far to weak,i use diawa magnets and you can locate to back d ring from inches away its mega strong,my mate had one first day out no 2nd tether on net and got back to car with no net on his back
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    D rings, what use are they?

    I use all the time,one on back for net and one on front for my net lanyard. if a jacket dosent have them I get them added.
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    The fishing bug

    I started about 5 years ago, after wasting 45 year playing golf.. At 53 every Friday night during the winter is like xmas eve cant sleep waiting on the days grayling fishing with great mates. I have made some great friends,had a few days with guys on here,but the help ive had from people all...
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    Fly Line to Leader Connection

    i was using the new sunray line which has mono core and nailnot cuts into line and pulls off. I now use airlfo backing and fm tapered leader,i have got this down to 2cm in length,seamless transition as fm is same diameter as flyline,with no knots or bulk at all. Just used it with a barrio gt90...
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    Zip front waders

    if you never wade deep get simms waist waders,ive sold mine as was always needing to get into that deeper bit of water. I would never get waders without a zip,i see guys taking for ever to spend a penny lol,especially with all the winter clobber on. simms g4z brill:thumbs:
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    Whip finish!!

    not been tying that long and only ever used the davie mcphail tool if its good enough for him,thats fine by me. I was given a fly tying beginers set and took it to a wee club night and not one person could work the whip finish tool supplied some sort of springy thing,quickly binned.:)
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    An Olive

    very nice indeed
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    More nets from the shed!

    brill,some lovely work. What varnish do you use,just stripped my brodin back to bare wood to re finish?
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    Boa lace boots

    ,ive only had 6 months and the lace snapped last week mid day.I managed to hobble on for the last few hours but it was only the gaiter and boot clip on waders that saved the day and the fact that it was a easy wade wear I was. Just beware of boa lace system. I was loving my simms boa boots The...
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    Danielsson Midge - comments please

    cracking looks ,very light,i use mine for Czech nymphing. give it a good dook in the river and watch the bearing,i tried to alter it mid river and fell of into the nith never to be seen again. Deal direct with dannielson for purchase and were great sending free replacement bearing
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    Studs for Simm freestone boots

    love simms gear but not the studs,wear out in no time,i walk miles,i now just get small aluminium car bolts, cheap great grip and easy to replace
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    Boat seat arrangements...

    why are the uk boats ancient in design. Could the boats not have casting seats fitted on a pedestal for all top use and clear all the **** that's never used from the inside of the boats and aslo allow room for an electic motor to allow tweeking to drift? Find to much making do with fishing...
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    Loch tay

    Staying with friends next week at Loch tay. he dosent fish but is very keen to start and also has a boat available. Any ideas on whats available staying at Kenmore end.
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    nike golf rain gloves left and right ,not waterproof but thin enough to fish the fly all day in the Scottish winter,i cut index off on the right to hoild and feel the line for takes. any water proof gloves are far to thick for feel in fly fishing
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    photo upload

    I think ill just give it a miss jim
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    photo upload

    when I try to upload photos its say site no recognised,any ideas on problem?
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    Carron valley

    Nice day out on the boat at carron valley yesterday with fish buddy John Tobbin. No much wind and when it came it was cold from the north,cloud cover went and we got roasted not ideal conditions but plenty new spots tried and fish found. Still loads to learn with this loch style on boats,but...
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    Casting with a young baby

    I think its the arrogance being shown,to say such **** as,i never have a bad cast and never fall in,FS come on. We all want kids out and about but not with kids of this age and in the above manner.
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    squirrel nymph

    like it that hends scudback is lovely stuff but hellish to tie in on small flys