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    Clyde style.

    Simple and deadly, a great combination.
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    Another tying video. UV Fluff cat....

    Thanks for that video, greatly appreciated.
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    Grey Monkey

    Classy looking fly.
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    My god Danny La Rue lives! Bet that’s got plenty of movement.
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    Sawada’s Rio Grande King (variation)

    Stunning looking fly.
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    Reminiscent of a Tabory Snake, I think I’ll copy that for use in the salt. Cheers
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    Fly stolen !

    My lawn regularly has shiny nuts, glass and other shiny fragments deposited on it, it took a few hours to figure out the culprits, again magpies of course!
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    Muddled Klympen (variation)

    What a lovely technique, thanks for sharing.
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    Jingler varient

    Very ghost like
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    Caddis pupa type thing......

    Really buggy, lovely and scruffy
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    McBrien’s DKS (Don King Squirrel)

    I’m really appreciating your recent ties, please keep them coming.
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    A few trout sized salmon doubles

    Love the second one (y)
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    Avoiding tennis elbow

    I use similar ones for work and they’re brilliant.
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    Avoiding tennis elbow

    Absolutely correct, but you’ll find that pain in both tennis and golfers elbow can be drastically reduced if the forearm muscles are re-educated and relaxed. Both are invariably caused by rsi and using a fly rod in a relaxed manner can help relieve symptoms too.
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    Avoiding tennis elbow

    Try adding extra diameter to the handle, shrink tube or bicycle tape would work. One of the easiest fixes to relieve tension in the muscle set on the forearm. Handle diameter seems to be ridiculously narrow on most rods and I’m guessing it’s a compromise for women and teenagers, despite the vast...
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    Claretbumbler’s Bumper Fly

    That’s exquisite and certainly on my steal list(y)
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    First pin
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    First pin

    If you leave the complicated wing off and simply use a golden pheasant or LA tippets overlaid with GP crest and a simplified body, they’ll look stunning and of course you’ll only need to do one side.