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  1. fly in mi eye

    Greys Streamflex 8'6'' 4#

    As above for sale,like new used around 5 times and is now surplus to my requirements, £90 posted Prefer bank transfer but would also accept paypal, Pm me if interested, Paul
  2. fly in mi eye

    Cortland Sylk DT5

    Wanting to swap the above for a similar quality 7 or 8#wf floater,line is used but excellent condition, Paul
  3. fly in mi eye

    Weird fly(to me anyway)

    I was fishing the Welsh Dee yesterday and after taking an improptu dip i was sitting on an old tree stump drying my gear when this chap decided to join me, Needless to say i moved up a foot or 2 to give him a little more room, Photos are poor as they were took with a wet mobile that stayed on...
  4. fly in mi eye

    Llangollen info required for Sunday please

    Hi chaps,my mates just phoned me and said he fancies trying somewhere completely different and new tomorrow,so we have decided on the Dee around Llangollen, What i need to know is,are day tickets available on a Sunday as i believe you get them from a shop and if anybody can give me any pointers...
  5. fly in mi eye

    Looking for a 8'6'' 4#

    I am currently in the market for the above,as anyone got anything they want to part with before i go down the buy new Streamfelx route, Paul
  6. fly in mi eye

    Anything better than a Streamflex

    I recently bought a Cortland brook fly rod 8'6'' 4# on a bit of a impulse buy and since getting it 4 weeks ago my ZXL has never seen daylight:eek:,for the money i paid it is a cracking rod, But after fishing today with my son he has decided that he wants it,so i am giving it to him, so i am in...
  7. fly in mi eye

    FS Vosseler RC1

    As above for sale in excellent condition only used twice,there are two marks on the reel foot where it sits on the rod but other than that it is mint, This reel will suit the small stream fishermen as it is light small and is suited according to Vosseler 1-4# lines,although i would put it in the...
  8. fly in mi eye

    Vosseler RC1

    Does anyone use this reel if so what are your views on it,will it take a 4# line with sufficient backing(20mtrs)i am thinking of buying one so any information greatly recieved. Paul
  9. fly in mi eye

    Rod for the lad info & wtd

    My 14 year old lad has been fly fishing with me now for around 3 months(rivers only) and he is doing really well,currently he is using a Shakey oddysey 8'6'' 5/6#,his casting and line controll is coming on nicely but i feel now is the time to get a little finesse into his presentation:whistle...
  10. fly in mi eye

    FS GRXI 7/8

    As above with 3 lines The reel has been used 2 times and is in near new condition,a small scratch on underside of reel but hardly noticeable, 8#wf floater used but good condition 6/7# Airflo Di 3 8# sinker with welded loops, £50 posted Paul
  11. fly in mi eye

    Lines for sale or Swap

    1 x 8# sinker with welded loops used but looks like new, dark green,i believe it to be a (Shakey Worcester)? 8# floater i think John Norris (pale blue) used twice but it has a foot or so of marker pen where the running line starts, Another 8# floater,cant remember name but it is pale yellow...
  12. fly in mi eye

    Vision Attack 9'6'' 7#

    As new used once for around 2 hrs,i need something a little more mid to tip action, £55 posted or may consider swap W.H.Y. Paul
  13. fly in mi eye

    Grip and Tiemco hooks

    I have the following hooks that i am willing to swap for Kamasan B400's in 16 or 18?,or B100's 16's Grip 11011BL size 18-quantity 10 Grip 11011BL size 16-quantity 36 Grip 11011BL size 14-quantity 14 Tiemco103BL size 15-quantity 25 Paul
  14. fly in mi eye

    Orvis BBS11

    I have a new BBS11 titanium that has been used once for about 2hrs,it is absolutely mint condition with box and Orvis reel pouch, Sadly i wont use this anymore as i sold the rod it was going to be used on,so i am looking to swap it for a 6/7# LA reel of similar quality,preferably with a couple...
  15. fly in mi eye

    Small Waistcoat

    If anyboy has a small waistcoat they want to move on,pm me as i am just getting my lad into fly fishing, I have a medium Snowbee xs wading jacket that is just a little to big for him so one of these in a small size would be a good fit for him or any other wading waistcoat in a small size...
  16. fly in mi eye

    WTB Dragonfly 375 spools

    My mate is needing a couple of spare spools for the above reel if anybody has any they want to part with,or know where i can buy them online please let me know, Paul
  17. fly in mi eye

    Sage VPS 9' 4# FS

    I will probably regret this but i have decided to sell my VPS,but due to owning a ZXL that i cant leave the house without,this is just going to be left in the tackle room all year and it is to good for that, It is in excellent condition,infact you would be hard pushed to tell that it has been...
  18. fly in mi eye

    Wanted 9'6-10' 6-7#

    Due to snapping my rod yesterday on Stocks i am looking to buy another one,i dont use this type of rod that often so no need for big brand names,before i opt for a budget range rod i thought i would see if anybody has anything they want to part with, Pm with details Paul
  19. fly in mi eye

    Found at Stocks

    If anybody has lost a pair of perscription sunglasses at stocks then PM me as i have found them but forgot to hand them in on my way back,the case says that they are from Standishgate Wigan, Paul
  20. fly in mi eye

    Wanted Cortland sylk 4#

    If anybody has a Cortland Sylk 4# DT or WF that they dont use anymore contact me via pm please, Cheers Paul :guinness: