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    Simms G4Z

    Ive just been told my 3 yr old G4z waders are to old and worn for repair and hjave been sent back un repaired,simms weren't even going to return then although they wernt leaking. I had sent back as I had ripped on some barbed wire,it hadn't went right through. I sent them photo for advice and...
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    Boa lace boots

    ,ive only had 6 months and the lace snapped last week mid day.I managed to hobble on for the last few hours but it was only the gaiter and boot clip on waders that saved the day and the fact that it was a easy wade wear I was. Just beware of boa lace system. I was loving my simms boa boots The...
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    Loch tay

    Staying with friends next week at Loch tay. he dosent fish but is very keen to start and also has a boat available. Any ideas on whats available staying at Kenmore end.
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    photo upload

    when I try to upload photos its say site no recognised,any ideas on problem?
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    Carron valley

    Nice day out on the boat at carron valley yesterday with fish buddy John Tobbin. No much wind and when it came it was cold from the north,cloud cover went and we got roasted not ideal conditions but plenty new spots tried and fish found. Still loads to learn with this loch style on boats,but...
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    Kitting out boat box

    Just got a new shaky box for this season,i would appreciate some pictures of your layout to get some ideas to kit out for reels lines,fly boxes etc and any other attachments rod holders etc:thumbs::thumbs:(ive searched forum and a couple of pics to start with)
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    Sunray world nymph line

    I had my new sunray line out for the first time on sunday. Ive been messing about between rio nymph,french leader and braid on various set ups,braid certainly gives maximum feel but wraps round rod tip all the time and no use if you need to get any distance. I would say on first day out with...
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    photo upload

    I coulkd upload pictures to forum,but tried to load up today and system seems to have changed and wont upload from picture file on my laptop. any idea?
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    squirrel ,grey and fox

    doing a bit more tying these days and would like to get some squirrel skins. any good places to purchase from?
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    wading gear

    keep getting gear wet in chest pack,i cant get it any higher,now keeping flys etc in poly bags to keep dry. only got two pockets in jacket. any ideas for short jacket,waistcoat etc that will stay out the water. all wading jackets seem to be to long,tried tucking in waders then you get soaked...
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    TLD delux seat to alu frame

    has anybody fitted the deluxe boat seat to a standard frame. I have tried with scaffold board but bit big to get in car and not long enough for some boats I use. I managed to pick up a brand new boat seat with the single cushion which I plan to remove to fit deluxe seat to. Anybody and ideas...
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    opening day dec 1st 2014

    Great day trip with euan,johnt and peter. water was really low gin clear and really cold. Not easy but change of bugs,reduction of line dia,keep moving and what a day.pb for euan then a magical 3lber:thumbs:secs after I had a 2.8 feet apart. I also tried the waterwolf down a few runs,i cant...
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    Compact tying station

    I could not find a suitable tying station to buy,the were either to small,to big,or looked more like thread/tool stores.Most had vice just lying on top in pedestal. I was looking for a compact station that housed all my tools some bobbins and wire and also did away with base for the vice,but...
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    snowbee waldron

    reading some posts and watching some videos has made me question the set up of my vice. I have it set up as it was in the box,i am right handed but screw is behind vice jaws,with clamp handle underneath. I see on most vices that adjusting screw is to the front as per law vice etc. Is vice set...
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    Clyde forum day 2015

    FORUM DAY SATURDAY 31ST JAN 2015 meet 7.45am (possible café again in Crawford) Names below for clyde grayling day. I got tickets beforehand last year. We have choice of UCAPA,Lamington and also hozier.(this is a bit futher down river.) could you pm mobile if you need ticket what water...
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    clyde 22nd nov 2014

    well after what is now the norm on fishing days,not sleeping at all I was up mega early,breakfast at the services always starts the day well.On my own today so again plenty time to explore and try out my new rod:):) To be fair I thought it would be back to bed as it poured all night,but sepa now...
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    11ft 3wt new build

    just picked up my new nymph rod from stan at alba rods. I had been tinckering with my streamflex and had added a cork butt to take any weight of the rod on my forearm,it worked a treat. I have always felt the streamflex a bit soft for my likeing. Now to the build we selected a 11ft 3 wt blank...
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    nymph rod extension butt

    Ive been finding it quite hard going on long days with the high sticking,czech nymph method.(I have a bit of arthritis in my hands which dosent help.) Having used a trotting rod and centerpin with its long cork handle ,I had the idea to do the same with my fly rod. With a chat with stan at...
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    salmon outfit,sage,hardy,rio

    Selling my salmon outfit its just not for me,trout and grayling from now on:thumbs: Kit was bought at Gac last year used 3 times not out at all this season Sage one 14ft 9wt new £899 Hardy cascapedia 10wt new £425 Rio afs kit New £115 only selling as kit for now £1100
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    clyde 30th aug 2014

    I had a cracking full day out with euan on the clyde on Saturday. We have had so many days arranged but spoilt by the weather. Well apart from the very strong wind it was lovely,water up over night,nice colour in the water and we were off. Full breakfast down the throat makes for a good start...