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    Greys - after sales service

    In late 2017 I bought a Greys rucksack. Ideal for my early spring and winter fishing. After less than 6 months one of the zip pulls on main compartment jammed . Stupidly I didn't complain there and then- after all the thing cost me 70 quid. Fast forward 8 months and - you guessed - other zip...
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    River Swale Trout Fishing

    Just a heads up for anyone interested in trout fishing on the middle Swale below Richmond. My Club has a short waiting list and we are always keen on recruiting new members on our waters; we have about 2.5 miles and offer trout (stocked and wild trout) , grayling and the opportunity for fly...
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    Toft Newton

    Is it still open ? I emailed them a week ago and nothing yet . I am wanting to do some winter perch fishing there again with dropshot etc. Any info welcomed
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    Greys Streamflex

    I have several of these and rate them highly. I am toying with the 7-6 - and my query is about its action. All the Streamflex rods are described as medium/fast action and whilst the 8ft and 8-6 I have are crisp enough the 6-6 is almost comically slow . It's a nice enough little thing but I...
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    River Laver N Yorks

    I returned to an old haunt the other day - the Laver on the Ripon Piscatorial Day Ticket water . Cracking day with 23 brownies on dry fly. One - by far the biggest -looked very much like a sea trout . But I was so disappointed to learn that RPA have now lost most of their water on the Laver-...
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    Trout and Salmon error

    Forgive me if already mentioned (search function didn't help ) but anyone else noticed the mistake in current T and S ? There is a full page picture in the opening pages of Loch Awe- but the caption describes the 'big' Loch Awein Argylshire - not the one pictured which I am 99% sure is Little...
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    Wharfe- Buckden

    I have just joined Bradford City AC - primarily for the winter coarse fishing on the Swale and Ure. But checking out the website I see they have some interesting fly water at Appletreewick and - especially - Buckden.My home territory is Swale and Derwent and their tributaries but having never...
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    Ure Salmon

    I have mislaid my Trout and Salmon which featured an article on Ure salmon fishing. Some time last year I think. If anybody could let me have a scanned copy I'd be grateful enough to put a couple of quid in the charity box.
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    Perfect Day

    As we all know , getting everything right is bloody difficult in flyfishing-light, wind, temperature, level and colour etc. And that is before one's own ineptitude is added to the mix...But today I have probably had the best afternoon's sport I have ever had on my little NY Moors river- or...
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    I am a lucky sod

    Out of the blue I was offered exclusive rights on a small stream which has been unfished since 70s.Very small - but no smaller than other streams I have fished- running over limestone in part, and spring and rainfed. Early exploring reveals rich flylife-lots caddis, heptagenids and shrimp. It's...
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    camera advice for muppet

    I am not remotely interested in photography or gadgetry but do want to take more fishing pictures.Switched to digital in 2004- a Pentax optio is it ? And pictures sometimes good, often poor. Yes, some of it is me but the thing eats batteries and is not intuitive to use. I want something simple...
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    I have finally found my perfect tench lake- hidden away down a track miles from anywhere and fishable for a fiver to the farm. 4 acres ,wooded banks and lots of features. I had a few sessions last year but think I cracked it yesterday morning- arrived at 6-30, groundbait in and tench bubbles...
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    New Trout season Northern version

    I think my best ever start in terms of big fish (from a' NY Moors river' )- 2-7, 2-8, 2-10 and 3-3 in two trips. All wild and all on duo- one fish took size 12Pinkhamer but the sensible ones took 14 ptn g/head. Huge grannom hatches but very low water and few fish showing. Despite the hard winter...
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    Disinfectant advice

    One of my streams is crawling with signal crays; my others aren't thank God but do have white clawed chaps. Am worried about spreading the invaders- what disinfectant should I use and where do I buy it please? (vets, farm shops , Amazon:confused:).Thanks in advance
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    Small Stream fishing n yorks 2010 thread

    If you responded to a post on here in early 2010 from me and your initials are MG and MW can you pm me please.I passed on your details to our Hon sec and he is struggling to find them.
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    Nice way to finish coarse season

    Apart from a planned pike trip tomorrow I have spent the winter concentrating on chubfishing ; had good fish of 5-4 and 5- 10 in last 2 weeks. Today I had a very interesting day on the Swale- 14 chub -about 8 more than usual but whilst normally I get as many fish over 4 as under today my...
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    Boxing Day Grayling

    Hope this is right sub forum but I think trotting for grayling in the snow merits 'classic'. 4 hours on the Rye today- running clear and ice free - but minus 4.5C on arrival and a balmy minus 3.5C when I left. I trotted redworm with a centrepin(Adcocks Stanton) and a 25 year old Shakespeare...
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    Simms Hat

    For years I have been looking for a peaked cap which is warm and waterproof with a good size brim. Found the Simms extreme weather hat in a catalogue and blanched at the price but bought one for this winter. After a day's chub fishing in the rain and a day shooting yesterday- in the snow etc...
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    Small stream fishing N Yorks

    I belong to a small club in N Yorks which has about 4 miles of brown(wild and stocked ) and grayling fishing; also some chub. Lowland stream - I do not want to publicise more widely on this thread but if you are interested in joining our waiting list(which is short- may be some places this year)...
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    Hardy Rod ?

    An old friend - aged 95- has asked me to dispose of his gear.Most of it is beyond use and valueless sadly but I have found one interesting rod.It is a 2 piece cane flyrod of about 10 feet.No marking on the rod at all- but nice finish with maroon whipping.It is in a bag into which it fits...