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    These Fish Need Your Help

    Fish on the River Goyt near Stockport need your help to get over this weir By taking 5 minutes to vote for our project on the Aviva Community Fund site (link below) We hope to raise £22k funding to take our fish pass project from...
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    Windermere - River Leven Hydro

    Does anyone have any info on the River Leven Hydro scheme run by Low Wood? They have just won a tender to put hydro schemes on the Irwell in Salford and the council are singing their praises for their great environmentally benign way of generating electricity.:eek:
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    Caddis On Steroids

    A turbo charged caddis found while raking a tench swim I've never seen on as big as this before:eek:
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    Caseless Caddis

    This first one we find when kick sampling on the upper - well oxygenated sections of the river - I know for sure its a caseless caddis This second one, we find in the more polluted/nutrient rich water lower down the river in Manchester City Centre - is it still a caseless caddis or some weird...
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    Starts off nasty Then it gets a little worse And is polished off in style Sad isnt it...... a very very dead little stream which flows into a river which is full of trout. No insects, no birds, no plants and definately no fish. Flowing through a public park in Manchester.
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    Bradshaw Flyfishers

    Will anyone who is a member of Bradshaw Flyfishers pls pm me. Its a catchment issue.
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    Our Rivers Campaign

    Have a rant at the minister in charge of DEFRA here: About Us - Our Rivers Its got to be worth joining in their campaign
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    Our Rivers Campaign

    About Us - Our Rivers Click the link and tell Richard Benyon head of DEFRA what you think!
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    Bolton Fly Tyers - 1st March - Tony Riley Demo

    Just a quick reminder that we have Tony Riley coming to demonstrate to us on March the 1st. Tony will be covering river flies and how to fish them. Based in Ulverston he has a passion for our Northwest rivers and lakes which he fishes with great success on a regular basis . I sure he will...
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    Stuart Crofts at Bolton Fly Tyers 18th Jan

    Stuart Crofts - angler and entomologist extraordinaire - is giving a talk at Bolton Fly Tying Club Bolton Fly Tying Club this Tuesday evening the 18th of January. Talking about fishing free stone rivers and tying a few flys, talking about CADDIS. Non members are more than welcome £4 on the...
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    Fly Tying In Bolton

    Commencing 7pm Tuesday the 4th Jan 2011, Bolton Fly Tying Club are starting a series of demonstration/instruction evenings for budding fly tyers. The series will start off with a demonstration of tying simple buzzer patterns, followed by the opportunity to have a go at tying some of your own...
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    Bolton Fly Tyers 18th May Gwilym Hughes

    As part of Bolton Fly Tyers continuing programme of bringing the Best Fly Tyers to demonstrate their skill to us we are pleased to confirm that Gwilym Hughes will be joining us on the 18th of May at 7pm to tie a range of river flies particularly suitable for use on the Welsh Dee and similar...
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    Top 10 UK Fishing Blogs

    Congratulations NCA - North Country Angler - coming in at number 2 Your blog North Country Angler and Nicks angling for something were the inspiration for starting my own. I dont know what the...
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    Kenya - Kikambala

    Kenya Kikambala Report. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Went to Royal Reserve Safari for two weeks over xmas and new year for a family holiday, and took a telescopic beach caster with me, a few floats and hooks, and a few bar spoons. The...
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    19th Jan - Bolton Fly Tying Club - Stuart Crofts - Tying some flies!

    7pm Tuesday the 19th Jan 2010. In the upstairs function room of the Behive Pub in Horwich. (just off the M61) An evenings fly tying demonstration by Stuart Crofts - should be an informative and entertaining evening. Non Members welcome £4 on th night New Members even more welcome. The club...
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    Am off to Kenya for christmas & new year and am in the process of booking up a couple of days deep sea fishing. However, its a family holiday and SWMBO will be upset if I book more than a couple of days deep sea fishing. She isnt bothered if i have a few hours early morning or evening though -...
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    Malcom Greenhalgh At Bolton Fly Tyers 3rd Nov

    We've had a damn fine set of speakers come and visit us this year, next up is Malcom Greenhalgh on the 3rd November. 7pm in the upstairs function room of the Beehive Pub in Horwich (at the head of the Reebok Stadium Bypass). Non Members welcome £4 on th night New Members even more welcome...
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    Paul Procter At Bolton Fly Tying Club 20th October

    Paul Procter will be giving a fly tying demonstration on the 20th October at Bolton Fly Tying Club. 7pm start in the upstairs function room of the Beehive Pub in Horwich. Non members more than welcome (entry £4)
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    Entry Level Digital SLR

    I've been using a compact digital camera for my fishing pics, but have recently been thinking about upgrading to a digital SLR. Can anyone recommend a good entry level digital SLR - would consider new but preferably used to reduce cost. I've had a look at this one on fleabay...
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    Tip ring for a Hardy Mitre 9ft Nymph

    I've recently been given a 9ft 7wt Hardy Mitre "nymph" cane rod. Its missing the tip ring/tip eye. The end of the rod is in good condition so i am looking to buy a new one and whip it on. Does anyone have an idea where i might buy a suitable replacement?