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    These Fish Need Your Help

    Fish on the River Goyt near Stockport need your help to get over this weir By taking 5 minutes to vote for our project on the Aviva Community Fund site (link below) We hope to raise £22k funding to take our fish pass project from...
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    Windermere - River Leven Hydro

    yes -that's sadly true:confused: however - the impounded water above a weir usually generates more methane (which is a 20x more powerfull greenhouse gas) than the carbon the scheme supposedly saves But no one cares about that, because there are professional fees to be charged, reports to be...
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    Windermere - River Leven Hydro

    Does anyone have any info on the River Leven Hydro scheme run by Low Wood? They have just won a tender to put hydro schemes on the Irwell in Salford and the council are singing their praises for their great environmentally benign way of generating electricity.:eek:
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    Urban River Tactics

    Just try again in the same place another day There was a match on the river yesterday further upstream Every angler caught -bog roll, tampons, condoms you name it. We had half an inch of rain and every CSO on the system seemed to be kicking out. 37 anglers fished the match 1st place - an 8oz...
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    Manchester Casting Club

    Hi Andrew & Chris. Salford Friendly Anglers Soc now have the angling rights on Salford Quays, if you want to use the pontoons for your casting club let me know and I'll sort something out with the Quays management group. With it being such a high profile location - you will attract alot of...
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    Caddis On Steroids

    A turbo charged caddis found while raking a tench swim I've never seen on as big as this before:eek:
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    Caseless Caddis

    This first one we find when kick sampling on the upper - well oxygenated sections of the river - I know for sure its a caseless caddis This second one, we find in the more polluted/nutrient rich water lower down the river in Manchester City Centre - is it still a caseless caddis or some weird...
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    well it is worth a go - but you have to wait til march 17th to wet a line:thumbs: and the last thing the Irwell is, is easy access
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    Help - Is this a Sea trout?

    well if it is a sea trout - which i suspect it is - then its the first recorded sea trout from the River Irwell since 1856 !:D
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    Help - Is this a Sea trout?

    Hows about this one - caught today by an angler (not me) coarse fishing. Not the best photo but........... Brown? i dont think so Sea Trout is my guess
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    Try Pendle View Fishery | The North West's Leading Carp Fishery They have a small trout lake at the back of the complex - very easy access - very easy fishing
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    Lost Salmon are re-populating the Mersey

    Bad luck chaps - Peel Holdings ban fishing on the Ship Canal due to the 5ft wash from passing ships - health and safety and all that wot not All available stretches of the Mersey have an angling clubs lease attached to them - baliffed or not - it was divvied up years ago.
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    Lost Salmon are re-populating the Mersey A nice bit of info for you
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    Famous people who Fly Fish ???

    Manny - happy mondays:thumbs:
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    River Irwell............

    329 consents to discharge waste in only 29 miles 106 combined sewage overflows 85 of which are unscreened Acid House is bang on the nail when he describes it as a fragile recovery. I would strongly recommend that you give your hands and tackle a thorough cleaning after fishing the river. On a...
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    Vibram soled walking boots.

    The felt soles peeled off my wading boots last summer, so for a couple of trips i used my vibram soled walking boots. BIG MISTAKE it was like wading with roller skates on:eek:
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    Our Rivers Campaign

    Theyve just passed the 1000 mark - thanks to everyone whos made the effort:thumbs: And for those who havent yet - please do:D
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    Japanese knotweed eradication

    what did you spray it with?
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    What weight do you think he is??

    I had one of exactly 60cm at the back end of last season whilst spinning for pike on my local river. It was bang on 7lbs on my digital scales.
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    Discarded Cigarette Butts poison fish

    Queensland 1983, Even back then it was an issue, I can remember a talk given by a state park ranger informing us that it was illegal for yachters in the barrier reef state parks to discard cigarette butts into the ocean. Poision, the length of time taken to biodegrade, and the fact that they...