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    Still Using Standard Arbour Reels?

    I use an SKB 7/8 reel on my 5wt, It cuts down coil Memory and it speeds up the retrieve, an as it's so light it doesn't affect the "balance", easker1
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    Where have all the birds gone.

    the small birds move about here see them in flocks , they will be back , easker1
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    Best Tippet and price range

    for my fishing I use any Suitable Mono on the point of my cast, I use Tippets for the tails of my flies, easker1
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    Reaming cork burl

    file for me as well, no problems, easker1
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    Cinnamon & Gold

    one of my favourites , nice tie Jim, I have a lot of stuff left over from My salmon fly tying days, so I have some nice tinsel, easker1
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    Best stillwater flies

    there are stillwaters and stillwaters, depends what you are after, there's nothing there I would use, easker1
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    Nice but I would have to drive 65miles to get one, plus I am not lucky enough to have a spare room, I do my tying in the Kitchen, easker1
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    Risk assessment for fishing

    are these Figures coming from "What me worry " Hancock? easker1
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    Lightweight fishing bag/satchel recommendations

    Mine was £9 plus post, easker1
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    Lightweight fishing bag/satchel recommendations

    I have a "Black & Silver " from nice bag small and light, easker1
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    Beavers - benefits for your rivers and streams

    read " Breakfast of Champions" By Kurt Vonnegut, lots of comments on beavers there, easker1
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    Yet another salmon farm disaster !

    the firm I worked for tried the disease line when they found they couldn't sell the smolts, but it didn't work and the firm went bust, the staff got the blame, easker1
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    Second World War Novels

    I read a good book about the last German U-boat making a trip to Argentina, it was supposed to have Hitler on board , the sub skipper didn't want to give up to the Allies,I cant remember the name , but it was readable, easker1
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    Stillwater reel for multiple lines.

    I have a leeda LC 80and numerous spools, but my fav ourite is an orvis Rockie mountain , it will take your BFR spools as well , easker1
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    Yet another salmon farm disaster !

    supposed to be a disaster, but not as big a disaster as salmon farming , tou are right about Tavish scott easker1
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    YE HA.

    my son Reckons the police and the NG are all right wing , easker1
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    Loch Hope

    Cap'n Fishy is your man, easker1
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    Tapered Leader Formulae

    4/6/8, is my way to go but then I have 2 droppers , easker1
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    Risk assessment for fishing

    every one looking for ways to get round the law, a totally selfish attitude, fishing is dangerous, I fell in last year, easker1
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    Pepto Bismol Muddler

    looks like some thing Ru-Paul would use, certainly not for me, easker1