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    Merry Xmas

    To all our listeners :LOL: easker1
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    Hair Dye

    it seems that Rudi Guiliano uses one of the Cheaper types of a Low temperature Hair dye , it certainly looked like it, it was like a bad trick or treat mask, only it was real, I wonder how these deniers expect to find people to believe them in the future? you couldn't make this up, or perhaps...
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    read a piece on Raptors on The Net, it seems every one has a down on raptors from Sea Eagles to Peregrines , on Member of the Game Keepers Ass. estimated there were 300,000 Buzzards in the UKI would like to know where he sees them, we saw one on the way from Dingwall today, any other views on...
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    out of season trout

    you catch the trout of a lifetime but it's out of season, do you take it out of the water take a pic' and then put it back? or do you just unhook it in the water? it's just that a friend came across a guy on his local river nicely arranging this trout with his rod and net, when H asked the guy...
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    Aberdeen Planning

    Trump is about to build another Gowf course near Menie, Aberdeen council have approved the Application , It's to be Called the "Macleod" after his mother , so much for "SSSI's , easker1
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    Should a courting couple be Frank and Earnest or should one be a girl? easker1,
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    Last cast

    at our local loch today , just to have even a cast, as it was I did manage to miss 2 trout , but that's been my season , at least I did see fish , I would have liked to be a bit closer, but there you go, cant win them all, easker1
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    visitors dirt

    lots of local discussions about the amount of rubbish being left by the current scourge of the highlands, Campervans, I was cleaning up campfire sites , one site had a considerable part of the local deer fence 2 part burnt stobs and other sundry parts dragged about half a mile to the Fire place...
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    new fly rods

    Lineaffe Rods, I bought these for possible Hire , but it didn't pan out so I have 4 new rods for sale 2 at 9ft 5/6 wt 3pc and 2 at 7ft6in 4/5 wt 3pc, no tubes are available, I want £140 for all 4 rods , I tried out one of the 9ft rods and found it quite decent on the cast ,these are all carbon...
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    Angling Accident

    An angler has died In North Lanarkshire, it was a bit of a Shock as he had the same Name as our own Ohanzee, I just hope he is safe but hard lines on the dead guy my thoughts go out to his family easker1
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    fishing in the hot tub

    27C at the house to day, I had a trip up to a local loch , it was like a luke warm hot tub, even with NW breeze I had an hour with one short rise, and a tug under water on the retrieve, had a couple of changes of flies but no joy so headed for home and tea, at least there are fish there but...
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    had a visit from Ohanzee yesterday, I meet him a odd times when fishing but he was at the house yesterday so we sat a nattered over a cup of coffee, him and a pal had been enjoying the freedom of the Applecross lochs, some good fishing , it's a while since I fished any of them,they went off to...
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    sitting in Tesco Carpark in Digwall today, I watched a young seagull taking the Insects from the various cars , from number plates and grills, it seemed to be doing a good job, I wondered if this was learned from other gulls or had it spotted a niche? obviously these cars left cleaner than when...
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    He's Fallen in the Water,( High pitched Squeaky voice)

    yes once again I proved my ability to be a complete divvy,up at our local loch missed a couple of fish , it was very gusty , turned round to come off this rocky bit,got caught by a gust of wind and hey presto, measured my length in the water, then to compound the felony after putting my gear in...
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    Scotch Argus

    had one of these in the Garden today, small blackish Butterfly with red and Black spots on the inner wing, I normally see them up in the hills, I can photograph flowers but wild life is beyond me , easker1
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    first this season

    after being shielded I got up to our local loch for the 2nd time, very gusty wind, and quite cold with it, but I persevered and managed a 6 in. trout , nice to see and hopefully a start, the cold got the upperhand so I headed home , spotting a pair of lizards sunning on an old tire, back at...
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    It would be nice to know if you got the package easker1
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    Lines I have Known

    many years back I bought a Leeda Gallion fly line, it came in a box useable for flies, this one was a 6DT , and was one of the nicest lines I have had, it had a tapered braided core ( Dacron I think?) with a plastic coating, I used it for many years , until the coating broke up, leaving the...
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    Binocular Rubber

    I have a pair of Bino's with rubber Armour, the rubber is going tacky any tips on how to prevent this? easker1
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    Cats & dogs

    a couple of states in China have banned the eating of cats and dogs! progress perhaps? easker1