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    River Garry for trout

    Hi, I am thinking to fish this season trout the river Garry. Are there any day ticket for fishing this river? Any information about that? Many thanks!
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    Glen Doll and Glen CLova

    Does Anybody know where can I get any information about fish the White water or where can I get the permit for fishing this river in Glen Doll? Any informations about any river (streams) over there will be welcome. Thanks!
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    fly fishing in Wester Ross area (Highlands, Scotland)

    Hi, I would like to do next season a small trip (3-4 days) around Wester Ross in the Highlands (Scotland). I tried to look for some information about the clubs there for knowing if I need permits for fishing in the lochs and rivers and where I can to get the permits, but I couldn´t find a lot...
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    White cart River (Scotland)

    Hello, Anyone know if is possible to buy a day ticket o season permit for the White Cart River? I´ve tried to contact with Walton Angling Club, but I could´t do it. Thanks!:thumbs:
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    River Clyde

    hi I´ve recently moved to Glasgow and I'd like to fishing the river Clyde or other rivers close to Glasgow. Anybody know any area close to Kelvingrove Park or outside of the city up stream? I'd like to fly fishing in some area not to much crowded. I live close to Kelvingrove Park and there are...
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    River tweed on peebles

    Hi, Could I fish from Peebles to Lyne with the day permit? I m asking that, because I have seen in the beet map of the website of trout fishing association of peebles that there are many private areas in the river and I don´t know if I can fish these banks. Last question, Could I fish in the...
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    Fishing in Glasgow city.

    Hi, I will move to Glasgow for working. Do you know any river (stream river) in Glasgow city or close to Glasgow (like RiverLeith in Edinburgh), where I could fish with permist day or free? I read some information about the river Kelvin and his club and the higts part of river Cycle. Do you...
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    Fishing in North esk midlothian

    Hi guys! I want to go for fishing from lasswade to Roslyn chapel or in this area. Where I can buy the day tickets?? thaks men!
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    Small stream Scotland

    Hi there, I am living in Edinburgh and i always go to same places for fishing... River Almond and River Leith (upstream of Touris Center of Walk of Leith). I want to go for fishing to other pleaces, but I don´t have a car and I go by bus. I don´t like so much to fish in resources or lakes, I...