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    Barrio SLX WF5F -Orange

    SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Hello, I have a lightly used (used once) Barrio SLX WF5F. It is basically in perfect condition (except the permanent marker see below), as only used once and surplus to requirements. I believe they retail at £36, so if anyone would like it for half price £18 delivered...
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    Scott LS2 1610/4

    For sale lightly used scott LS 1610/4.. 16ft double handed 10 weight, four piece rod. Hopefully I'll work out how to upload a photo soon. But for time being can pm photo's if you're interested. PRICE NOW REDUCED to £220 INCLUDING P&P TO UK...
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    T&S August crossword

    Hello. Does anyone have 21 down - Long eared hound (6). Beginning to suspect it may be straigforward but I've messed up 22 or 30 across. Anyhow thanks in advance. LG1
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    Please Help Grayling - Scotland South

    Hi All, I wonder if you can help, it looks like I may be in the Edinburgh area on 26th and 27th Nov, can anyone recommend some day ticket grayling water within say an hour and a half drive of Edinburgh, I need to catch a flight on the evening of the 27th, hence the 1.5 hour limit, as Id like...
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    Online DVD fishing

    Does anyone know of any online DVD/film websites that have a decent selection of fishing DVD's.
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    Hampshire Country Fair May2nd-3rd

    I have stumbled across the website for the Hampshire Country Fair May2/3 Angling - Living Heritage series of Game and Country Shows It looks to have an angling section from the advert along with "The Game Anglers Instructors Association" being represented. Has anyone been in prior years...
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    legal definition of fishing/casting

    I was practising casting today in a pond in one of the royal parks. I was standing in the shallows and had a piece of wool on the end of the leader and no hook. I was stopped by a police officer and as I didn’t have a permit to fish the park he asked me to leave. I explained that I didn’t...
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    John Tyzack

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to mention it but here goes anyway, I've just bought a copy of the new John Tyzack/Dean Andrews DVD from -"Small stream trout fishing", which is the second DVD. I only stumbled across it so thought I'd give a quick headsup...
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    Hi All, I wonder if someone can shed some light, I am noticing instructors on various links qualified as AAPGAI, GAIA, APGAI, STANIC, FFF, and I've probably forgotten a few along the way. Is there some sort of hierarchy presumably AAPGAI is the next level up from APGAI (but thats really a guess...