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    First ever rainbow from the river

    I caught my first ever river rainbow on the Derbyshire Wye on Saturday gone past.First session fly fishing on a river,but I had a guide showing me the ropes.Very different from reservoir fishing as expected,but a lot of excitement.Managed to net this one lovely rainbow, but lost another big one...
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    Where to practice casting

    Good evening everyone. I am a bit curious.Other then actually going out fishing and practising your casting on the water,does anyone go out casting on a field or their back garden etc to hone their technique ?
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    Fly tying book

    Hi everyone.Looking for a good fly tying book with step by step guide and also fully lists the materials used.I am yet to tie my first fly and have watched several videos on youtube on the subject,but would like to have a book I can use and peruse without having to go online all the time. Thank you
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    Beginner needs help

    Hi everyone.I am not new to flyfishing, but still regard myself as a novice. I would like to start tying my own flies and have scoured the forum and internet for advice, but I am still somewhat unclear of where to start.I was initially drawn to the Veniard fly tying kit,but now know that kits...
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    Lost fly vest

    Hi everyone Spent some time at the Alwen reservoir with my family yesterday. Unfortunately I lost my Orvis fly vest there. Only realised when we got home and unpacked the car. I already called the ticket office at Llyn Brenig, but up to now no one has brought in a lost fly vest. Please get in...
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    Which accessories

    Hi everyone Relatively new to flyfishing. I have recently started flyfishing on a small to medium stillwater venue. I am hoping to venture into bigger stillwaters,possibly boat fishing and also river fishing eventually.Other than rod,reel,line and flies, which accessories would you deem...