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    Lough Derg Fishing

    Yes, there is some chance of catching trout on flies in September on Derg, though many of the locals don't try. Search out what they call "the middle ground" off Mountshannon Harbour. It's a shallow spot in the middle of the lake where daphnia feeders are up. Use colourful flies. As for pike fly...
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    The World Cup 2013, Lough Mask

    I agree. A little bit of wind and you should go out the deep to chase the daphnia feeders. It's a bit hit and miss but its the best hope of qualifying for the final. Colourful flies do well. Orange in some part of your flies is supposed to be a good colour as the daphnia they are feeding on can...
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    lough derg help

    I would hire a boat as it is the most effective way to fish Lough Derg. Boats can be hired in Scarriff (from a pub called Giblins) or from Killaloe (Jimmy Whelan's shop on Main Street). Trout fishing has declined a lot on the lake in recent decades, so don't expect much. Fly fishing will not be...
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    Nenagh River, Tipperary

    The Nenagh River holds mainly wild and small brown trout up to 1lb, but there are some big ones too. Most of these are got in the later part of the season with they migrate from Lough Derg up the river to spawn in July, August and September. There is great sport for the fly fisherman at any...
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    Lough Derg Fishing

    The Mayfly is up on Lough Derg. We now call it the April Fly down here as global warming has made it appear a few week early over the last decade or so. It has appeared in the shallow parts of the lake, Dromineer Bay, Luska and Youghal Bay are the areas to fish now. Two of us had five small fish...
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    Lough Corrib

    Fished Corrib on Saturday from Greenfields. Bad day, missing four on dry duckfly. Olives were hatching, but the trout did not seem to be on them yet from anglers I talked to. My partner did not touch a fish all day, fishing mostly epoxy and herl buzzers.
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    Lough Owel

    Like you Cax, I think closing the hatchery was a big mistake. As for catch and release, Irish anglers still have a long way to go to fully embrace the concept, unfortunately. ---------- Post added at 04:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:33 PM ---------- Like you Cax, I think closing the...
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    March Caption Competition sponsored by Hartley Fly

    "Hartley knew myself with my new boobies!" Hartley flies catch beautiful fish.
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    March Caption Competition sponsored by Hartley Fly

    Re: "Hartley knew myself with my new boobies!" Hartley flies catch beautiful fish. "Hartley knew myself with my new boobies" - Hartley flies catch beautiful fish.
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    Lough Owel

    Sad to say that I feel some Irish wild trout lakes should be stocked as trout numbers have been devastated not only because anglers are killing too many fish, but changing biodiversity of the lakes due to invasive species like roach,zebra mussel, etc., and climate change are all impacting...