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  1. ACW

    Looking for casting advice

    \there is a site called sexyloops ,lots of good stuff there . Once the CV18 thing is over a dose of one to one teaching though expensive will move you on incredibly. I was sort of self taught back in the early 70s,then through this forum I spent a few sessions with a long gone poster here aka...
  2. ACW

    Straight eyed lure hooks for Trout?

    I have had these for years the remains of the packets says Partridge lure hooks .thats about it ! As too why up and down turned eyes ,my guess is tradition and the use of turle knots !
  3. ACW

    Straight eyed lure hooks for Trout?

    Yep found adozen #10 and a couple of dozen #8s pm me an adress and will pop in the post
  4. ACW

    Straight eyed lure hooks for Trout?

    Fairly sure i have a few partridge tucked away will have a look ,if i can find them you are welcome to them!
  5. ACW


    Last year i got some shooying head running line from maxcatch ,on my 14 footer with some guideline heads it really is great,only problem is the colour is too alike with some of the heads ,nothing major though.
  6. ACW

    Another Custom Reel

    Bert ,careful with Purple reels ,i was acussed of being a London poofter by a well kent spey factor last week when he saw my purple and black speyco reel,which goes very well with my silk cut shrimps !
  7. ACW

    MRA Auction XIII: LIST of LOTS

    Apologies from Gandalf, been in Scotland with no forum access.Transfer just done !
  8. ACW

    Micro-Straggle Dabbler.

    Nice one ,which supplier are you using for the staggle!
  9. ACW

    MRA Auction XIII Lot 52: Trout Spells

    Having had my copy of this little gem of a book I wont be bidding ,but for a bed time read its rather good!
  10. ACW

    Fly Acceptability Chart

    Now in my dotage,Ifish small wets, dries and nymphs,mainly on my local ressers. I count many of the regulars as friends and also excellent anglers ,they fish a variety of methods including extreme coloured lures of often big sizes. having done most british trout fishing styles including lead...
  11. ACW

    A few from this afternoon...

    I have too ,wife ,sister and son are all that way inclined!
  12. ACW

    2 year suspended sentance.??????

    That stinks, should have been 5years ,and none of this half sentence served!
  13. ACW

    MRA Auction XIII Lot 36: 16 Pink Tungsten Herl Barbless Nymphs

    Will go 20,mainly for the boys boxing day outing,two or 3 hours on the beat last time half a dozen bugs gone !