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  1. stevel

    Silk for glass n grass

    With my "ultimate" glass outfit taking shape I've become silk curious again after some 10 years. I contacted Koji Yano, whose lines I loved when I did fish them, and placed an order with him for a half length 4 weight DT silk to match my upcoming Ijuin/Kineya small fish/river outfit; in the many...
  2. stevel

    Angling Auctions' latest auction today

    Anyone attend the latest Angling Auctions auction today? Any nice little acquisitions? A sign of the times, it was held as an online event as opposed to the floor auctions I used to attend in Chiswick. There were lots of nice little bamboo rods at pretty reasonable money, under £200 or so. I had...
  3. stevel

    Names of builders/makers to do rewrap work

    Disaster, I discovered that my 8'6 5/6 "Reo Especial" James Reid has had a snake guide dislodged. Are there any builders/makers who you could recommend that would be able to do this work? I could get the colour of the main wrap and tipping. James uses colour preserver and many layers of...
  4. stevel

    Ultimate glass outfit

    I thought I'd start this thread as I was going off tangent in the Rawson thread. If you could have any glass rod, reel and other accoutrements, what would it be? Mine would be a Ijuin 6'6" #3 Yomogi, Kineya 100 and a half length Yano DT3 silk. My wife loves Japan - currently learning Japanese-...
  5. stevel

    Reels for your cane and glass rods

    OK now that we've got a cane/glass forum let's make a start on new posts! What reels do you use on your bamboo or glass rods? I prefer S handled reels.
  6. stevel

    *** Withdrawn **** Gary Marshall Garrison 206 3 piece 4/5 7'6"

    For sale is my Gary Marshall Garrison 206, made as a 3 piece, line weight 4/5, length 7'6", 1 tip. Comes with REC "vintage" heavy duty tube. Beautiful work by Gary, it has transparent wraps in Java Brown tipped with antique gold, with agate stripper and duronze ferrules and an amboyna spacer...
  7. stevel

    New Korkers Devil's Canyon Wading Boots FS

    ** SOLD ** New Korkers Devil's Canyon Wading Boots FS *** SOLD *** For sale: New pair of Korker's top of the line Devil's Canyon wading boots, size 12 US, never used, only tried for size. I bought these for a recent trip to Iceland from Gorge Fly Shop in Oregon, however the addition of the...
  8. stevel

    Rio lt wf7f

    **** Sold ***** For sale, as new RIO LT WF7F, Camo. This model not available in UK, bought from Gorge Fly Fishing for a single handed bamboo seatrout rod for single handed spey casts, but didn't work out, head too long for this rod/task at some 50'. Probably good for long light line spey rods...
  9. stevel

    Free Classic Angling Magazines

    Free Classic Angling magazines from 2007 or so, roughly 26 issues for pickup in London. Also some Chasing Silver magazines available. Please PM for arrangements. Cheers, Steve
  10. stevel

    Free Fishing Books for pickup

    Below are some fishing books I have free to someone who can pickup in London. Postage to be paid if pickup not possible. 1. Fundamentals of Building a Bamboo Fly-Rod, George E Maurer and Bernard P. Elser pbk Taken*** 2. The Cast, Ed Jaworowski, hbk Taken *** 3. To Rise a Trout, John Roberts...
  11. stevel

    Mounting flies in a display frame

    Does anyone know of someone who mounts flies for display in a frame? I picked up some flies recently by a well known fisherman and guide of the Bulkley River in BC, Ray Makowichuk and I'd like to mount the six or so flies for display and preservation. Cheers, Steve
  12. stevel

    flies in hand luggage?

    Are flies especially big salmon irons allowed in hand luggage on international flights or is it better to be safe and check it in? Thanks Steve
  13. stevel

    David Norwich EV4 Switch Rod

    I have for sale a new David Norwich 740 grain switch rod which I commissioned David to make for my annual hucho fishing trip in Slovenia at the end of last year. Unfortunately it arrived too late for my trip and as a result is unused and uncast. I'm now moving into Bamboo speys :eek: and as a...
  14. stevel

    Winston Designer passes on

    I've just read that Winston's great designer, Sam Drukman, has passed on after a battle with leukemia. As one who enjoyed so many of his creations from the LTX through to the B2X, spanning close to 20 years, it's very sad news. As Richard Phaler, the Green Forum's unofficial historian once said...
  15. stevel

    Winston LTX 3 piece 9' #7

    Winston LTX 3 piece 9' #7 *** Sold *** With heavy heart I now offer the last item in my Winston collection, a 9' 7 weight LTX graphite only rod in 3 pieces, thus bringing to a close, 17 years of Green stick obsession. The LTX model was Winston's entry into the fast actioned freshwater rods...
  16. stevel

    2 x Winston BL5s and Abel Big Game #1 Camo

    Winston BL5 #8 sold ** BL5 #6 sold; Abel sold ** Next on my list of rapidly depleting Green sticks and matching reels are: 2 x Winston 5 piece BL5 saltwater flyrods, 9' in #6 and #8, well used but still in excellent condition, and 1 Abel Big Game #1 in Blue/Green Camo, in superb condition...
  17. stevel

    I need a really big Light reel...

    Following on from the ... Heavy ... spey reel thread, I recently took delivery of a David Norwich heavy switch rod (11'3 740 grains, probably 10/11 destined for hucho in Slovenia) and not only is the rod super-light (6.6oz) but extremely light spey reels such as a Momentum LT 5 (around 8oz...
  18. stevel

    Winston XTR and Abel Big Game #2

    Winston XTR and Abel Big Game #2 ** sold ** Continuing on from my Green stick collection disposal is a 5 piece Winston XTR 9' #8 and an Abel Big Game #2 in the original coral high gloss black. Both items have been used sparingly and in immaculate condition. The XTR was Winston's entry into...
  19. stevel

    Winston LT3 and Islander IR1

    With my obsession for cane and Spey fishing for salmon and steelhead showing no signs of abating, I have decided with heavy heart to begin letting go my Green Stick collection. First up is my very first Green stick, bought in 96 from The Urban Angler in New York, and the first year the LT was...
  20. stevel

    Backwinder anyone?

    I recall someone wanting one of these reels recently. I came across this link from the Flylife forum (downunder) and I thought I'd pass it one if whoever wanted it, was still interested. Untitled Document