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  1. benisa


    See Aldi have got on there special deals a lamp which is great for the Fly Tying boys grab it while you can at £19.99
  2. benisa

    Test Valley Trout Farming staff kick live fish along floor

    Any one see this in the Papers seems the company farm them on the test + itchen what a great way to respect fish :mad:
  3. benisa


    Any one going to the above next weekend
  4. benisa

    WANTED empty rod tubes

    Looking for 2 empty rod tubes 1 needs to be 30 ins long 1 needs to 39/40 ins long any member got any empty ones laying around thanks(y)
  5. benisa

    Sunray California 7ft Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod

    Any one have one of the above or any information was told they are good for light river/stream fishing
  6. benisa


    Have a boxed set 3 dvd,s of FISHING WITH PAUL YOUNG NOW SOLD Fishing in England :Ireland : Scotland £5.99 including P + P just whats needed for the next Lock down ;)
  7. benisa

    Airflo Outlander Fishing Vest for Sale New

    Having bit clear out and have ( from Christmas present ) AN AIRFLO OUTLANDER Fishing Vest NOW SOLD New still with the tags This is a one sized garment Great for when the fishing get the Green Light Looking for £39.00 + postage ( £5.00 ) paypal payment
  8. benisa


    See the T W T T Auction is coming up on the 20th March good fundraiser
  9. benisa

    Lifemax White Magnifying Table Light

    See Aldi are doing a Lifemax White Magnifying Table Light great for fly tying
  10. benisa

    Prince albert " king of clubs "

    Was reading in this months TS about the Prince Albert angling Society Looks some fab waters and at a price we all can afford Wish that we had something like this down south any Forum members belong to the "The King of Clubs "
  11. benisa

    Fishing at aldi

    See Aldi have fishing goods on special next week The waterproof/lined pants look good:thumbs:
  12. benisa

    Eu ball and chain around our neck

    Moved to the lodge :rapture:
  13. benisa

    Catfish on a fly

    Any one tried it and caught a monster :fish2: Think they give you a run for your money
  14. benisa

    Life without the internet

    Well some bright spark on a building site in the south-west decided to cut a Virgin fiber optic internet cable. So no internet or TV happened on Thursday not back on till early Sunday morning. just lets you know how much we rely on modern technology. PS just for good...
  15. benisa

    Airflo sold to the americans

    See that Airflo has been brought by the US firm Mayfly who make Abel and Ross reels They were attracted to airflo because of there fly-lines are better for the environment than other fly-lines :
  16. benisa

    Barbless flies

    What do members think of the quality of flies supplied by Barbless Flies
  17. benisa

    Who,s idea was it to change ilbs to 4 x etc

    Who,s idea was it to change from the lbs we all knew to 'X' Leader etc the EU ? great to get Orvis ( being American ) tippet/leader etc as they still use Old School:thumbs: find have to write it on the spools etc so as not to have to do a arithmetic lesson at the...
  18. benisa

    When are you to old to travel

    As above when are you to old to stop doing far away salt water fishing:omg: Like Cuba :: Bahamas : Seychelles which would be walking the flats
  19. benisa

    WANTED Somewhere Else, Charles Rangeley-Wilson BOOK

    As above looking for a hard back copy of the above book any one have one they wish to move on thanks:thumbs:
  20. benisa

    Today,s flyfisher mag

    Any one had a read of this new mag some good articles: not your normal Trout Mag not cheap £ 6.99 :omg: but think its worth it:thumbs: