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  1. raphael


    Good evening, Any suggestion for a good modern steelhead fly fishing manual please? Shall deal with techniques, fly-tying, seasons and rivers... Thanks. R
  2. raphael

    British rivers on their knees

    Good day to all, I assume some of you here have read the below about your rivers poor environmental condition: Not a surprise, for sure, but at least it's...
  3. raphael

    Iconoclast Cascade

    Hi everybody! After some thoughts, I tied some prototypes and then this accomplished version of a full synthetic Cascade: Tail: hot orange and bright yellow craftfur, a pinch of golden pearl angel hair Body: rear silver flashabou dubbing; fore black acrylic wool and small oval silver tinsel...
  4. raphael

    Selune to be set free... at last

    Hi! For those who missed the point: France (Selune River) : French Minister Hulot confirme the removal of two large dams ? European Rivers Network Press release is there (in english):
  5. raphael

    Wye next spring?

    Hi everybody, It looks that I might come to pay a visit to the Welsh people in 2017. According to my planning and what I've read I might come around early May. I'm not really a rookie but just need some short advices as until now I've fished Ireland in summer and autumn: - 14'#9 or 15'#10...
  6. raphael

    River Allier to be set free at least

    Hi! For those who can read French: Vers le nouveau barrage de Poutès At least. This dam built in 1943 is totally illegal, there has never been any authorization but we won this tough fight. This year 84 MSW fish managed to run trough its so called "fish pass" (total of 1177 fish ran the...
  7. raphael

    Book about Scotland

    Hi! As suggested on other part of the forum, I'd like to have some advice on a good comprehensive handbook about Scotland's salmon rivers. I'm looking for something in the same spirit as the one of P.O'Reilly about Ireland, and as much updated as possible. Thanks, Raphaël
  8. raphael

    Book about Scotland

    Hi! Who is having some experience about these books: -The salmon rivers of Scotland - auteur: Augustus Grimble - The Salmon Rivers of Scotland. with Seventy-Two Full-Page Illustration and Three Maps - Primary Source Edition - Augustus Grimble -...
  9. raphael

    Dam decomissioning in France

    Hello! For those who understand french, one very intersesting movie: Agenceeauseinenormandie - Dailymotion This deals with the ongoing project of removal of dams on the Selune (Normandy) and the Allier (main tributary of Loire). End of works are expected in 2018 and what is very astonishing in...
  10. raphael

    Spate and peaty conditions

    Hello everybody! I'll go to Ireland (Moy and Erriff) for the fourth time from the 15th till the 30thof June. By the past I've met mainly low water condition but it shall not be the norm at all! So I wonder what flies should I have ready in case of high water and/or peaty condition. I'm...
  11. raphael

    DamNation, the film

    Here is coming a plea for free rivers: DamNation
  12. raphael

    Good news from France!

    Incredible! France is going to act seriously in favour of Atlantic Salmon! After more than 20 years of lobbying, several NGO such as Loire-Vivante, NASF and WWF managed to obtain the decomissioning of Poutès dam, close to the Allier river's springs! This means that the last salmons of the Loire...
  13. raphael

    Sad news from eastern France...

    The river Loue, one of the most famous of Franche Comté is dead. It was one of our last good river, of high quality water and well stocked with natural wild fish... Many french forums and blogs are dealing with this matter and I suggest you this one as it is written in english: LA LOUE : AUX...
  14. raphael

    New member from France

    Hello everybody! This is Raphael from France. I'm a 37 seafarer, with two kids (the elder is already a passionated angler) and I live by the river Loire, near Sancerre. I like fishing for sander and all sort of predators (spinning and deadbait, sorry) of the majestic Loire and I'm waiting for...