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  1. bibio1st

    Snowbee Prestige 9ft 3wt

    Not being used so might as well find a new home, very good condition, £110 delivered UK. SOLD PayPal preferred Steve
  2. bibio1st

    Knotted Pheasant Tail

    Where’s the best place for quality double knotted pt, going to be tying some hoppers shortly. Steve
  3. bibio1st

    Moth pupa

    Found this on my summer waders this morning, I will leave on them to see what hatches, not seen one like it before, hopefully there won’t be any damage to the waders but couldn’t face taking it off, just let nature do its thing. Steve
  4. bibio1st

    Hooks for spiders

    Can you use grub hooks for spider paterns, B110's for example or are there advantages of using the traditional hooks? Steve
  5. bibio1st

    Hardy Demon 9ft 6#

    Rod now sold Steve
  6. bibio1st

    After fishing food

    I generally stop off for eats on the way home from fishing, especially in the evening, my usual is a chicken kebab and the quality of these vary but one place I have found that server the best kebab I’ve ever had and is consistently good Kaynaks family kebabs in New Mills, it’s Turkish rather...
  7. bibio1st

    Stonking Grayling

    Just seen this on another forum Grayling just 1oz shy off the British record — Angling Times Steve
  8. bibio1st

    Rod licence scams

    Don't get caught out this year, there are still websites that will charge you a fee for their service (scam) use the EA site. Steve
  9. bibio1st

    Roman Moser minicon braided loops

    They used to be the best connectors by far but the new batch I've got are pants, the loop is really flimsy not a patch on the earlier ones, I got these from a reputable tackle shop and not off ebay, is this the way they are now? Steve
  10. bibio1st

    Tail clipped rainbows trout

    Had a couple in the last couple of weeks on my ressie, why clip the tails for ressie fish, I can understand clipping browns if going in a river with wild fish. Steve
  11. bibio1st

    Caimore travel vice

    After one of these new or very good condition please. Steve
  12. bibio1st

    What fly quiz

    The name of the fly I'm tying tonight is mentioned in this performance, what is it called? No prizes, you just get to feel smug if you are right :D Steve
  13. bibio1st

    Ted Carter’s changes hands

    Angling Direct now run this shop, Graham has retired, not sure if this is a good or bad thing, fly fishing wise it was being run down but the new manager says he wants to get the fly chap back. Steve
  14. bibio1st

    It works

    I tied this as a joke after catching my boat partner a couple of times. I never expected for a minute it would actually catch a fish, well last night I put it on the dropper and had 4 rainbows to it :rolleyes: I will tie a few more up as the water I fished last night has a rocky bottom and I...
  15. bibio1st

    Is BopP having a bad day?

    Just asking 😁 Steve
  16. bibio1st

    No rod licence issues?

    It's the first year I haven't seen posts about people not getting the licence through and the usual grumbles about the EA or Post Office, I got mine online this year as you can't post date at the PO, call me old fashioned but I want to stick to April 1st, I would heve prefered to use the PO to...
  17. bibio1st


    Just been doing a job in the garage and needed a pair of scissors, went to get the pair out of my fishing bag and realised it wasn’t on the peg where I hang it, the last time I used it was a couple of weekends ago at a local still water, a quick phone call and was told it was safe and waiting...
  18. bibio1st

    What's after your catch?

    Not sure if this has been up before, I've had pike and other trout go for my catch but this takes the biscuit :D Fast food - Album on Imgur Steve
  19. bibio1st

    Free vise

    I have a snowbee flymate that is surplus to requirement, it's going to be a bu&&er to post but I can drop it off in working hours to the north west area south of Preston, if you want to make a small donation to a charity all the better, drop me a PM if interested. It's had the grubby mits...
  20. bibio1st

    A new toy

    Got a new plaything to try, out of the LT stable, it's a travel vise that he's made more user friendly, a solid heavy base, increased the height (yes chaps, you can get an extra 2 inches on your shaft without any dubious potions or lotions):D he's also played about with the gubbins at the top to...