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  1. arabden

    Loch Leven Fishing

    Anybody fished Loh Leven lately ? I used to be a regular but haven't fished it for about 5 years and fancy a day out. Any reports, flies, areas to fish ? Thanks in advance, Dennis
  2. arabden

    Kingfisher Butcher ???

    Kingfisher Butcher Mop fly. :omg: Just a wee bit of fun to wind up some of the guys in my club :joking: I can see some of them foaming at the mouth already. :D :thumbs::thumbs:
  3. arabden

    Allround emerger, first attempt

    First ever attempt at a dry fly - the Allround Emerger :omg:. Davie McPhail made this look easy but then again he makes all the flies look easy. However, enjoyed using all the different materials. I'll keep at it - as Hilloch said yesterday practice, practice, practice.:thumbs: Excuse...
  4. arabden

    FAO Mattybhoy

    First attempt at these (tying and uploading picture) - no very good but I'll keep at it. Do you think they will work on Boardhouse ?
  5. arabden

    Fly tying classes in Fife

    Here at Lumphinnans Primary Community School we are pleased to announce the return of our popular 'Fly-Tying' class. This is a very popular class with fisherman & women both young and old. Classes start once again on Wednesday October 30th 2013 and run until Wednesday 26th March 2014...
  6. arabden

    FAO Mattybhoy - Tinsel

    Tried dying some last night. Only used a weak orange RIT dye solution and low temperature - results shown in photo (normal undyed tinsel on right for comparison). Sorry about the picture quality but it gives some idea of the difference. Did not leave it in the bath for very long either. Will...
  7. arabden

    Diawl Bachs

    Been looking at some of the Diawl Bachs shown on the forum and then tied some up this morning. However, it got me thinking about this fly. I usually have one or two on a cast at sometime during the fishing session but in all the years I have been fishing I have only once caught a trout on a...
  8. arabden

    More Dyed Deer Hair

    Having been inspired by Welly, I thought I might try dying some deer hair as well. Probably a bit too hot with the dying process and a bit of curling with the skin but the colours seem ok.