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  1. petevicar

    Beauly snow fly

    I posted this in the Salmon forum. I think it didn't turn out too badly.
  2. petevicar

    River in flood?

    I live very close to one of the biggest rivers in Europe. It is currently still rising.
  3. petevicar


    I got this from the Salmon Fishing Forum
  4. petevicar

    Red Rover my first married wing fly.

    OK there are a lot of mistakes and there is significant room for improvement everywhere but I am still proud that I managed to make the wings and tie them in reasonably successfully.
  5. petevicar

    The best salmon flies?

    I posted this on the salmon fishing forum and got a few strange replies. Maybe everyone was still drunk. Your answers are most welcome. Hi everyone. I have tried searching for this topic to no avail. So here's a new post. I would be interested to know what your top 10 salmon flies are and for...
  6. petevicar

    CSF tyers - What does Pryce- Tannatt mean by set upright as opposed to set horizontally?

    I have been going through his book and the different patterns have different ways to tie in the wings. There is a sort of explanation on page 128 with pics on the opposite page. The explanation is not so clear to me. Maybe I am just being thick. Also what are figs. iii. and iv.? Are they simply...
  7. petevicar

    A question for all Classic Salmon Fly tyers .

    Firstly do not feel insulted by this question. It is not meant to offend in any way it is just my curiosity. The question is: Do you tie both sides of a fly? Whenever a classic salmon fly is displayed in a photo or frame or whatever you only get to see one side of it. Does the tyer really...
  8. petevicar

    Orange Parson - My second attempt at a CSF

    I know it's not perfect but I think it's a little better than my last try. The pic is also pretty crap the lighting is all wrong.
  9. petevicar

    My first attempt or my first cock up.

    Here is my first attempt at a Durham Ranger. I had major problems tying it as you can see. Problems that I can see: The tag is not smooth enough. For the rib I used normal oval tinsel and not twisted. The body hackle is too short. I find that I only have hackles that are either too long or too...
  10. petevicar

    Source for feathers etc.?

    Hi everyone I have decided to take the plunge this winter and attempt some salmon flies. I have been advised to start with the Blue Charm, which I think is a really good idea. I have been studying the book: Salmon Flies, Their Character etc. from Poul Jorgensen and have a copy of the...
  11. petevicar

    Salmon fly hooks

    Hi All, I have decided this winter that I would try to get back into fly tying. Most of my flies have been very simple for saltwater and some very simple salmon flies. I would like to try tying some better salmon flies and who knows maybe after a few years I could get into some classics...
  12. petevicar

    Frog? Toad what is it?

    I found this chap hopping around the garden yesterday. Anyone know what it is?
  13. petevicar

    My white rod is finished.

    It has taken almost a couple of months to finish. I made lots of mistakes and learned a lot. This is made on a white MHX 8wt 9ft blank with white colour sealed thread. The white blank and thread show up every imperfection and mistake. I had to strip things down and start again on a couple of...
  14. petevicar

    Bonefish memories

    I found this photo while looking at some old trips. This is a bonefish in the middle of a school of anchovies in Los Roques. This about 20ft from the shore.
  15. petevicar

    Flies tied with human hair (my own)

    Hi Everyone I have a hairdressing appointment tomorrow, the first time in 3 months. My hair is considerably longer than normal and I was thinking about taking some of the cut hair and using it to tie some flies. I don't fish for trout but saltwater and salmon. Are there any patterns you would...
  16. petevicar

    Reel Seat for Double Hander.

    I have almost finished my last project and a looking at a new one. I have managed to get hold or an Epic DH13 #7-8 SPEY BLANK. It is a 6 piece 13ft double handed rod. The butt section for the reel seat is 14mm thick. I am looking for an appropriate reel seat. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks...
  17. petevicar

    Reel seat up or down locking?

    Hi I am posting this here and not in the rod building section as it is a general question about preferences. I am in the process of building a new rod - a 6wt, 4 piece glass. I have been trying to buy a down locking reel seat that would be OK in salt water. This has proved rather difficult...
  18. petevicar

    CTS 686 - My new project during the next few weeks of isolation.

    I ordered all the bits from HiLevel in Sweden and they arrived today. CTS Quartz 686 blank in a strange greed colour. They call it shoot maybe snot would be more appropriate. I have a couple of different grips that I can use. I have not decided on which yet. I also bought some thread that is pre...
  19. petevicar

    Thread on the rod tip ring?

    I am just rebuilding the top section of a rod that I broke last year. My question is quite simple.- On the original rod, that I also built, there is no thread on the tip ring, it is just glued on with hot glue. Is it normal to whip the tip ring with thread or not?
  20. petevicar

    Something to do while waiting for Corona to go (hopefully)

    Hi Everyone, With this pandemic spreading around the world, I find that staying at home is not only a recommended option but also a practical one. How should I spend my time? I was thinking about learning to tie classic salmon flies. I will probably be craP at it but I'll give it a try. I have...