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  1. green man

    Patagonia Stealth Hip Pack

    Sold Selling my Patagonia Stealth Hip Pack. In perfect condition, but with slight signs of use... won't pass as new, but it's not far off. The foam has never seen a hook. Asking £XX.XX delivered.
  2. green man


    Must be going mad - I've already asked for this (Hardy Pokey Bag).
  3. green man

    Sage mini full wells handle

    Does anyone know where (preferably in the UK) I can get hold of a Sage mini full wells handle? And while we're here - how about Lemke and Struble up-locking reel seats? Thanks.
  4. green man

    Mortimers of Speyside

    Just wanted to put in a good word for Mortimers of Speyside, who I had reason to deal with recently. Excellent service and they always answered my emails promptly and informatively. (y) (y) (y)
  5. green man

    Duchy of Cornwall Season Permit information

    Does anyone know how and when (if buying a permit) you get detailed information and maps on the various beats on the 'Duchy of Cornwall Brown trout Season Permit'? I've been on the Westcountry Angling Passport website and it feels like smoke and mirrors. I don't necessarily expect them to...
  6. green man

    SOLD. Loop Evotec - Green

    SOLD. I bought a couple of these in a rush of blood to the head, but they were both a bit too big for my 8ft 4wt. Sold the black one for £185.00 on eBay, but I just want my money back on this one. Unused, boxed etc. £150.00 delivered.
  7. green man

    Hardy drawstring bag

    Anyone got an unwanted Hardy branded drawstring reel/spool bag? Only need a small one for a 3" spool. Will pay, obviously. Please PM.
  8. green man

    Loop Cross SW or others for a similar price.

    Edit: I've bought a new Loop rod and reel (for £230.00), but someone else might want info, so please don't let me stop you. Anyone got one or tried one? Never fly fished the sea before, but I'm looking very hard at the 9'6" 7# for Chichester Harbour and maybe Kimmeridge. I'll be wading only, no...
  9. green man

    SOLD Loop Evotec FW 3-5 NEW

    SOLD Brand spanking new. Boxed (with pouch, Allen key and instructions). Bought a few weeks ago, but after a re-think, I'm selling my Sage Circa and it feels a bit big for my 8ft Fario.
  10. green man

    Sage Circa

    Sage Circa 8'9" 4wt in almost MINT condition - only a slight dulling of the cork, but no scratches or any other signs of use. Replaced the black reel seat with a nickel silver one, rescued from a Sage TXL that was destroyed by a courier. Would love to keep it, but I have to admit that it's not...
  11. green man

    Shimano Made in Japan Coarse Fishing Reels

    3500 SOLD - might still sell the other. I've got two almost mint Made in Japan Shimano coarse fishing reels from the early 90s on eBay, both with spare spool. All the coarse fishermen I've spoken to say keep hold of them, but I'm unlikely to use both, so at least one can go. Listed here...
  12. green man

    SOLD: Orvis backpack - NEW

    SOLD I have an Orvis backpack that I bought a few weeks ago when I thought I might get into coarse fishing... you need a lot of gear for coarse fishing. Anyway, I've come to my senses, but it's too late to return it. Cost me £109.00 reduced from £169.00. Asking £89.00 including delivery...
  13. green man

    SOLD. Dry flies - 50 in all, various patterns

    SOLD I'm thinning out my box and have a selection of 40 dries mostly in size 12 and some 14, some de-barbed (I got bored doing it, so not all are de-barbed). Not even sure what the patterns are called, but you can see from the photo I hope. I think most of them were from Dragonflies. Asking...
  14. green man

    SOLD... Hardy etc

    SOLD I have these on eBay for just under £20.00 delivered. They'd cost about £15.00 each new. Only £15.00 delivered for Forum members.
  15. green man

    Rio Gold WF 4Wt Floating

    Rio Gold WF 4Wt Floating. Slight kink in the first inch, from storage and not super-smooth for 18 inches or so, but still very usable (cut off the loop and add your own butt piece - as a lot of people do - and you're good to go). Comes unboxed on a Rio spool. (Picture is a 5wt which is now...
  16. green man

    Wanted: 10ft 4wt

    Looking for a good quality 10ft 4wt, for tight line nymph fishing, but one that works nicely for dry flies too. Guideline Fario, or similar. Budget up to £300.00. Please PM - thanks. (y)
  17. green man

    SOLD: Orvis Access II Titanium - unused

    SOLD. I've got the above for sale on ebay. Asking £115.00 delivered RMSD. It's unused, in it's box - as per the photos. Line and backing not included.
  18. green man

    Nymphs and dries - which 10ft rod?

    Edited: I'm after a nymphing/Grayling rod to keep me going through the winter. I was originally thinking I'd get a dedicated nymphing rod, but I'm no longer convinced that that's necessary for tight line nymphing. So, a 10ft 4wt general purpose nymph and dry fly rod would be more useful - to...