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  1. arabden


    Used to have great success with that on the Harray Loch in Orkney many years ago.
  2. arabden

    Loch Leven Fishing

    Thanks Jim, will do.
  3. arabden

    Loch Leven Fishing

    Anybody fished Loh Leven lately ? I used to be a regular but haven't fished it for about 5 years and fancy a day out. Any reports, flies, areas to fish ? Thanks in advance, Dennis
  4. arabden

    March Brown (wetfly)

    , well tied as usual. Used to be a great early fly at Loch Leven back in the 70's and 80's.
  5. arabden

    Faux Jay

    Nice. I don't think we have Koolaid in the UK. :thumbs::thumbs:
  6. arabden

    Brit Special

    Nice, I like the look of that, think the ostrich herl definitely gives it that special something. Should give nice movement in the water. :thumbs::thumbs:
  7. arabden

    Silver Invicta

    Great fly, well tied as usual. Been tying these this year with extra fine silver UV straggle fritz, it looks good and works. :thumbs::thumbs:
  8. arabden

    Crunchers, diawl bach and yellow owl

    This is the dressing and comments I have in a very old notebook, can't for the life of me remember where it came from though. TAIL: a few fibres of dark partridge hackle RIB: black cotton thread (tying silk is too fine) BODY: primrose yellow floss silk ribbed with the black cotton HACKLE: dark...
  9. arabden

    Crunchers, diawl bach and yellow owl

    Great flies and extremely well tied, as usual. Been using the "wet-fly" rather than the CDC suspender Yellow Owl this year with good results. Used to fish it at Loch Leven many years ago, was a required pattern at that time. :thumbs::thumbs:
  10. arabden

    Sedge emergers for sedge maniacs :)

    Lovely flies, will try to tie some up although will not be as good as those. Any chance of listing the materials used.:thumbs::thumbs:
  11. arabden

    Some Fishing Nymphs

    Used to be deadly at Loch Fitty fished close to the reeds.:thumbs::thumbs:
  12. arabden

    A few for the coming weeks

    Excellent looking flies as usual. They will be killers no problem, if I was a troot I would take them myself. :thumbs::thumbs:
  13. arabden

    Pearly Claret Dabbler

    Absolutely stunning. :thumbs::thumbs:
  14. arabden

    Leisure battery question.

    I use a battery charger I bought from Lidls (approx £14) more than three years ago and charge my batteries with that. Both batteries (85Ah and 120Ah) are in great condition and have never let me down. I also use a 10W solar panel via a charge controller for another battery (85Ah) at my...
  15. arabden

    Kingfisher Butcher ???

    It's a 15mm translucent jelly style fritz. I bought 50 metres from TyeRite, cut it into 2-3m lenghts and dye it myself in whatever colour I need. That particular colour was deadly tied as a blob at Linlithgow last year. Dye is fluorescent safety orange bought from Dharma dyes in the USA. Huge...
  16. arabden

    Kingfisher Butcher ???

  17. arabden

    Kingfisher Butcher ???

    I'll probably be up in July sometime Matt but not sure exactly, depends when my daughter goes on holiday as she is living in the house up there. I'll definitely be up in September, probably the second week. I see you had a good day at the Golden Loch according to John's post. See the mop fly...
  18. arabden

    Kingfisher Butcher ???

    Kingfisher Butcher Mop fly. :omg: Just a wee bit of fun to wind up some of the guys in my club :joking: I can see some of them foaming at the mouth already. :D :thumbs::thumbs:
  19. arabden

    Alexandra Variant

    Nice modern take on an excellent traditional fly. I like it a lot.:thumbs::thumbs:
  20. arabden

    Reisenger's Bubble Mayfly Emerger

    Wow, now that is different. Agree about durability, though it does look amazing. :thumbs::thumbs: