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  1. boorod

    Cree & Hare's Lug.

    Hook. #16 102 Barbless hook companies. Body. Hares Ear, gold rib wire. Wing. Fluorescent wool-white. Hackle. Cree cock saddle
  2. boorod


    A few spinners tied on Barbless hook companies 101, #18.
  3. boorod

    First cane rod build., eye sizes ?

    Hi guys, Looking for advice on snake guides, I m putting together the components for my first build, an 8ft 2piece bamboo build that Im going to do over the winter months,, what I am looking for is information on the size off guides to buy, Im ok with the agate butt ring and the tip ring, going...
  4. boorod

    Buchanty Spout, leaping Salmon, Sea Trout.

    A few images from yesterday from Buchanty Spout on the river Almond, Perthshire. Was buisy with photographers by the time I arrived so spaces were a bit limited, so had to do with a bit that mostly gave images of the fishes backs, until someone moved away, so I could move at least level with the...
  5. boorod


    hook. Fulllingmill FM50 20 #14 or FM50 25 #16 Claw point 3x short Tail - Med Blue dun Body - Olive Peacock Quill, Hares ear at Thorax Wing -Natural Dark CDC plumes
  6. boorod

    Another thread.

    Guess what the next thread will be... :unsure: :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  7. boorod

    Guess the Item

    Name the item in the photo, whoever gets it right posts one of their close-up items up and so on.. First one up to start is ?
  8. boorod

    Still fishing.

    Have been told that some nobheads are still fishing UCAPA waters, ignoring the ban, with folk like this it will only make matters worse from getting a lift from this lockdown, yes were are all wanting to get fishing, but ffs give it a miss, we done it during the foot & mouth, only we could...
  9. boorod

    River Clyde, Lamington Association

    With this coronavirus with us at the moment and the country in lock-down, It was decided to shut all fishing on the Lamington & District waters, until further notice. UCAPA has also done the same, so there is no fishing on the entire clyde system untill the goverment says its safe to do so...
  10. boorod

    Ginger Quill.

    Hook, 14, up eye, because I wanted too..:D Wing, Single CDC plume. Tail, Ginger hackle fibers Body, Ginger Peacock Quill. Hackle, Whitling Medium Ginger Saddle.
  11. boorod

    Iron Blue.

    Hook, Fullingmill fm50, 16, 3x short shank. Tail, Dark Dun, Metz. Hackle, Dark Dun, Metz. Body, Stripped Peacock herl, thorax mixed Rusty Brown, Black, Dark Olive Possum Wing, Single Dark CDC.
  12. boorod

    Medium Olive

    Hook ,16, B.H.C. Body, Olive Awesome'possome Wing, Single CDC. Hackle, Medium Dun. Tail, Medium Dun.
  13. boorod

    Thorax Adams.

    Hook 14, B.H.C. Body, Grey awesome possom Wing, Teal. Hackles, Ginger & Grizzle Tail, Grizzle.
  14. boorod

    Problem with Raw files with 6d2

    Wondering if any of you guys can give me an answer to my problem. downloaded raw images from the camera 6DMK2, to the computer, opened them up in paintshop, and then they doubled up and turned a purple shade :confused:, cant do anything with them even with canons DPP either. so looking for some...
  15. boorod

    Is it just another way to make more money

    Having just received a new Canon 6dmk2 body, I was a bit surprised that you had to buy either a new interface cable or a card reader to download images to the computer, you would think that the price that you are paying that you would get everything to go with it, mean even my old mk1 7d came...
  16. boorod

    Grasshopper Warbler is back.

    Heard my first Gasshopper Warbler of the year this morning, along from the house in the roughground, they seem to come to the same place every year, but seeing them is a different matter. :thumbs:
  17. boorod

    Sharps Featherweight 7ft 5wt

    Hi guy's, A mate has just given me the rod as mentioned, so looking for a bit of advice, im going to re-new the snake guides as some are worn at bit, so what size of guides would be recommended for replacement, as not sure how the size guide works for snakes. thanks. Andy.
  18. boorod

    Sigma 150-500mm lens

    Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS. Canon fit. FOR SALE Lens has minor paint flaking near to camera mount, minor dust but doesn't effect image quality, marks to Tripod foot. comes with front/rear end dust caps, padded case and boxed. £280. posted uk. sorry no paypal. Andy.
  19. boorod

    Anyone lost a rod ?

    Rod found at Wolfclyde, pm me with description and will get it returned to you.
  20. boorod

    Patersons of Greenoak, Quarry & Lamington.

    A heads up on the on going battle to stop this from going ahead, today Patersons lost (AGAIN) the application to Quarry at Overburns farm by a vote of 20 against, 2 for. Hope this is the last we hear off this, but in my mind, they may appeal once more