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  1. skajtrout

    Greys GR50 8’ 6” 5wt 4-piece - New

    Message me if you’d like pictures. £95 delivered in the UK. Payment by PayPal. Skaj
  2. skajtrout

    Wychwood Quest V2 9’ 6” 7wt 6-piece Travel Rod - New

    Message me if you’d like pictures. £80 landed in the UK. Payment by PayPal. Skaj
  3. skajtrout

    Rio InTouch Midge Tip Long WF7/I - New

    2 available, £65 ea landed in the UK. Payment by PayPal. Skaj
  4. skajtrout

    Redington Classic Trout 9’ #5 Wt 4-piece

    £100 delivered by ParcelForce 48hr service. Payment by PayPal or bank transfer. Skaj
  5. skajtrout

    ***SOLD***Costa Del Mar Jose Green Mirror 580G Glass Tortoise Frame Sunglasses

    In first class condition as you can see in the pics. £120 posted by Royal Mail Special Delivery (currently £279 new in GAC and others). With Costa cloth pouch and hard case as pictured. Frame Width 131mm Bridge Width 16.3mm Lens Width 61.4mm Lens Height 37.9mm Temple Arm Length 120mm...
  6. skajtrout

    Clip-on lenses

    Morning all, i’ve been using those clip on magnifying lenses that attach to a baseball cap, does anyone use ones that clip onto glasses and if so do you have any suggestions? Skaj
  7. skajtrout

    Ryobi 355MG or 357MG reels

    PM me if you’ve got either of these you want to shift, cheers. Skaj
  8. skajtrout

    Really small flies

    Morning fellas, Any suggestions as to where I can buy really small flies, size 22 and smaller. Skaj
  9. skajtrout


    Well we’re pretty much halfway through September and I haven’t seen a single one yet, any different anywhere else? Skaj
  10. skajtrout

    Can anyone help with this..?

    Gents, The cap’s come off the end of my Maxcatch Trout Lite rod as pictured, any suggestions for a replacement? Skaj
  11. skajtrout

    *SOLD* Costa Del Mar Hammerhead w/ Tortoiseshell frame & 580P Sunrise Low Light Lenses

    Costa micro-fibre cloth case and Costa hard case included as pictured. In excellent condition, cost £169 new, selling for £70 delivered by RMSD. Payment by PayPal or bank transfer. Skaj
  12. skajtrout

    A thing about furlies...

    Let me begin by declaring myself a disciple of the Mr Trout school of furled leaders. I love them, the best turnover you can get. Aaaaanyway, I use the 5ft length and have always attached 5ft of tippet to said leader. However, I was listening to one of Pete Tyjas’ Fly Culture podcasts (I can’t...
  13. skajtrout

    Mucillin, a quick question fellas...

    What’s the difference between red and green? Skaj ×
  14. skajtrout

    Great deal on Jaxon line

    Speaks for itself really, and this is decent stuff: Skaj
  15. skajtrout

    Unbelievable bargain...

    Seems legit... Skaj
  16. skajtrout

    What line is this, fellas...

    Just had a reel turn up that I bought off the Bay and it's got what looks to be a half decent sink-tip line on it. Anyone recognise the line? The sink-tip is 5ft long and clear and the line is pale green: Skaj
  17. skajtrout

    When Monsters Call...

    Top of my list of people I want to go fishing with. I love this guy, he’s got soul. Garrett Fallon remembers how he’d like to fish. I rested on the wooden platform, my legs dangling over the edge while my eyes wandered over the still water of the canal in front. They were tired and reluctant...
  18. skajtrout

    The SFCA proposal for returning to fishing...

    Just seen this, somewhat more pragmatic than the AT approach: Skaj
  19. skajtrout

    Angling Trust report submitted to government.. Skaj